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Don’t Fear the Reapers Mass Effect 3: Special Edition

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman New games can sometimes take far too long to come out, but at least the time spent waiting, can be spent playing newer games you would never normally have played and it was because of that, I started playing 2012’s science fiction, third person shooter, role-playing videogame, Mass Effect 3 and… View Article
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The Challenge Of Expert Mode- Super Mario Maker

HURRAY!!! I have finally exhausted Expert Mode of the 100 Mario Challenge in Super Mario Maker. It certainly frustrating and time consuming I can tell you and after a grand total of a whopping 35 times, I no longer have to take on the monstrosities of Expert Mode ever again. Unless of course, Nintendo release more… View Article
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Bayonetta 2: Back & Better than Ever

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman Even now, two weeks into relentless playing of Bayonetta 2, I am at a loss as to where I should even begin with my review, the game is insane! So I guess I’ll just start with Bayonetta and take it from there. Cereza, aka Bayonetta, is back and she is sporting… View Article
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