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[Interview] Zelda Mods to Zelda Lives with Tyrone Anderson (#1)

Return to a modded Koholint…
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[Interview] Talking Xenoblade Chronicles Fan Art With Chascoby Art

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a particular favorite of ours here at Miketendo64 and its iconic characters have a firm hold of our hearts. It is no lie the Pyra, Mythra, Nia and Poppi have a large following of fans and each have their fair share of fan art. In today’s interview, we talked with Chascoby,… View Article
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Super Rare Originals

[Interview] Learning More About Super Rare Originals With Ryan Brown

Super Rare Games has announced that they have begun a new publishing label that is directly focused at Indie games. The publishing label aims to publish indies games across multiple platforms including consoles and PC. They have already announced their initial lineup and have plenty more games on the way. We reached out to Ryan… View Article
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Steve Mayles On Banjo-Kazooie

[Interview] Steve Mayles On Banjo-Kazooie Coming To Nintendo Switch Online + EP

With Banjo-Kazooie coming to the Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack this January, we recently got in touch with the original character artist and animator that brought the bear and bird to existence. The one and only Steve Mayles! He is to Banjo and Kazooie like Shigeru Miyamoto is to Super Mario,… View Article
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[Interview] Teamwork Makes the Dream Work with Dexter Stardust (#2)

Friends, family and friendly strangers…
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[Interview] Ask The Devs: Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs Brain

Nintendo has published a new Ask the Devs interview on their website. In part three of their series of interviews, Nintendo talk with some of the devs behind the Big Brain Academy series and the newest instalment Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs. Brain. We have an excerpt of the interview below that contains the introduction… View Article
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[Interview] Nintendo’s “Ask the Developer” Vol. 1, Game Builder Garage

Nintendo has shared a developer interview on their website that was conducted with a couple of the devs behind Game Builder Garage. The interview provides a little bit of insight into the background of both developers, how Game Builder Garage came to be and much more. We have an excerpt of the interview below that… View Article
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[Interview] Talking The Otterman Empire With Tri-Heart Interactive

We have recently spoken with Tri-Heart Interactive following the release of their couch party game The Otterman Empire on Nintendo Switch. We got talking about the development of the game, lack of online multiplayer, self-publishing, future updates, and more. Miketendo64: Please introduce yourself and your studio! Where are you based out of? Kieran: I’m Kieran Rogers,… View Article
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[Interview] Talking Moving Out With SMG Studio

Moving Out is a wacky physics game from SMG Studio. It released on the Nintendo Switch last April and we have recently had a chat with the head of SMG Studio to talk more about the Moving Out and how it came to be. Miketendo64: First of all. Who are you and what is your… View Article
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[Interview] Fractured Minds Developer Interview – Video Games & Mental Health

Many of us who play video games, we use them as a way to escape the harsh realities of everyday life. This can be particularly true for those suffering from anxiety or other forms of mental illness. Video games give us the means to liberate ourselves without having to leave our comfort zone. They provide… View Article
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[Interview] ASTRAL CHAIN Developer Interview With Takahisa Taura

Nintendo has recently shared to their News Channel on the Nintendo Switch an interview with Director Takahisa Taura about Astral Chain. The game will be releasing next month and what better way to promote the game than to talk more about it with the people that made it. Takahisa Taura has worked on games like NieR:Automata… View Article
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Mutch Games

[Interview] Mutch Games & Taking Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit To The Next Level

Hey folks, we have a rather special interview for you all today. We recently got in touch with a content creator who creates some of the most incredible and creative circuits for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. His name is Thomas Mutch and he owns the YouTube channel Mutch Games where he publishes videos of… View Article
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[Interview] Talking Shantae And The Seven Sirens & Beyond With Matt Bozon

We at Miketendo64 have a deep love for the Shantae series and speaking with the creator of it all is always such a joy. Upon the release of Shantae and the Seven Sirens, we recently interviewed Matt Bozon of WayForward to talk about the game and what the future holds for Shantae the Half-Genie Hero. *We would… View Article
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[Interview] Discussing All Things Ys with Digital Emelas (Say “Yes” to Ys!)

I don’t know what caught me off guard more, the fact that NIS America announced the localisation of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox just last month, or the fact said a second announcement took place, declaring the forthcoming release of Ys Origin, but this time with Dotemu in the driving seat. Still, it’s more quality Ys goodness coming to the Nintendo Switch,… View Article
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[Interview] Content Creator Spotlight – CptnAlex

We have another great interview lined up for you today for our Content Creator Spotlight. He goes by the name CptnAlex (Captain Alex) and is known for his cool Nintendo designed products, from Enamel Pins to Joy-Con covers. We caught up with CptnAlex on Social Media and asked if he would like to talk more… View Article
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