The Big Adventure is Here!

The time has come to add mystery costume #130 to your collection and complete another row as Yu Ayakaki’s event course is out and ready to be played!


This voice actress from Daigasso! Band Bros. P is dying for her big break so now she’s eager to show the world what she can do and is thankful to Super Mario Maker for giving her this chance. She may not be a costume that we need, or even want, but we’ll collect her all the same. To check out her character trailer and course description, you can find both below:

Yu Ayasaki’s Big Adventure!

Hi, everyone! I’m the up-and-coming voice actress Yu Ayasaki! Up until now, I’ve been working exclusively in Japan, where I host a radio show in the Nintendo 3DS game “Daigasso! Band Bros. P,” but now the whole world gets to see me as a Mario costume! I’ve still got a long way to go as a voice actress, but I’m ready to give anything a try!

 If you haven’t yet, you can unlock her now. Her course is rather simple in design compared to those we’ve seen recently, utilizes the new tools and easy enough to pass first time, even if you make plenty of mistakes, so the only thing that can stop you from getting her, is yourself.

But with the likes of her out now and the “minor celebrities” that became available after the version 1.40 update, maybe now we can move on to bigger and better characters like Ryu. (A guy can dream right?) Be sure to let us know who you would like to see get the Super Mario Maker costume treatment, in the comments below!



Nintendo’s Gaming News Weekly Round-up! G0, NX and Farewell to Medalle & Tago


From Mario to Link, to Inklings to Pokémon, as always, we’re here to keep you updated on all of the latest news. Below you can catch all of our choice picks of noteworthy news this week. These are the Miketendo64 News Highlights of the week!


Super Mario Maker (VERSION 1.41):

After the release of the big update earlier this month, Super Mario Maker was on the receiving end of a much smaller update, in which saw the Wolf Link costume text get the translation it needed and changes made to in-game performance. Changes in which effect P-switch jumping and as usual, there was another new costume out this week as well and another one announced for the 20th/21st of March.


Source: Gender Equality for All Shrooms! Toadette Comes to Super Mario Maker


NX Rumours (IMAGE LEAK):

With Nintendo still saying nothing as far as the NX is concerned, we’ve had an all new image leak that this time, pertains to the new control for the upcoming console. In no way at all are we to acknowledge this as the true device for the console, but it design is patented by Nintendo, but going by what is shown, very few buttons on an oval shaped device, complete with touch-screen, I really hope this won’t be the finished project. I know the GamePad isn’t all that too look at but given as how we are used to the huge controller, to go from that to something as odd shaped and small as the new possible control, it would be a hard adjustment period and the device is pretty ugly, but that’s just my views on it. You can see the “leaked images” for yourself here:


 Source: Bob Chipman of Screen Rant



We may not have had the chance to see anything of Pokémon GO at the GDC after John Hanke cancelled their own presentation, but we did get to see some of the forthcoming mobile game in action when Hanke of Niantics Lab held a panel at the South by Southwest convention in Austin, Texas. During the panel, footage of Pokémon GO was shared, showing a trainer trying to catch an Ivysaur and when the PokéBalls failed to get the job done, a Master Ball was used instead and Ivysaur was caught. As expected, you can see the footage for yourself here:

Source: Paul Tassi of Forbes


Hyrule Warriors Legends (DLC DETAILS):

Just mere days away from the release of Hyrule Warriors Legends for the Nintendo 3DS, this week we finally got an update on just what kind of dlc we can expect to see for the game and that dlc includes new adventure maps from games such as A Link Between Worlds, Link’s Awakening and even Phantom Hourglass. Not only that, but we were also given the release seasons for each dlc pack and given a price for the multiple Season Pass packages for those in Europe. For the full details, be sure to check out our source article.


Source: DLC Details for Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends!


New Game Announced and Another Released (SONIC BOOM: FIRE & ICE AND POKKéN TOURNAMENT):

This week the game fans all over the world begged for, saw its international release and everone just can’t get enough of the high res, all out battles that could only belong to Pokkén Tournament, but while fans are getting their fill, Sonic fans will get their turn soon enough. Announced by Sega, the latest game in the Sonic Boom franchise is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, which will release towards the end of September. The game will see the characters we know and love do battle against Dr. Eggman and all new villain, D-Fekt. You can catch the announcement trailer for the game, right here:

And if that’s not enough Sonic for you, Nintendo recently put out a new video for Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and we have that video right here:

Source: @salromano of Gematsu



For the Wii, the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was a huge hit and it seems it is bringing its success over to the Wii U as well, since Twilight Princess HD was able to procure over half a million sales within the first week and its estimated the game will round it off to an even million before this month of March ends. But Twilight Princess isn’t the only game we received sales figures for, we received them for the Pokémon games as well. During the last 20 years, not counting the spin-off games, Pokémon has amassed over 200 million units sold. Including the spin-offs that total then becomes 297 million units and with the likes of Pokkén Tournament out this year, along with Pokémon Sun & Moon, an estimated 5 million sales are expected by this time next year. The world of Pokémon really is a financially benefiting one.


Source: Over 200 Million Copies Sold of Pokemon & Twilight Princess HD Sells Over Half a Million Copies



Why feature one review, when you can feature two? For the 3DS, this week we finally finished our review of the classic Pokémon Yellow. All these years later and the game is just as great as it was back when it released all those years ago. But we didn’t just stick to the 3DS this week, because we also found the time to review the latest Zelda remake to be given a Wii U release. Sure not all that much has changed since the original, with very few new ideas and content making it into the finished product, but it is still a fantastic game to play and you can see just what I had to say on it, with the link below, along with our review of Pokémon Yellow:

A Shocking Tale Retold – Pokémon Yellow – Review (3DS)

The Twilight Affair we Just Can’t Get Enough of – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD – Review (Wii U)

Link 4

But if remasters and re-releases of old games aren’t to your liking, we have a batch of reviews on new games that just might suit your taste buds. Be them games on the Wii U, or the 3DS you can find them below:

Nintendo 3DS Game Reviews

 Nintendo Wii U Game Reviews


And if you’re interested in knowing what is next on our list of games to be reviewed, it is of course the Tekken/Pokémon love child, Pokkén Tournament.




This week on Miketendo64 (NINTENDO DEATHS, MY NINTENDO & POKéMON GO):

It has been a very eventful week here at Miketendo64 with views hitting some high numbers we’re not quite used to, so with that in mind, here are our Top 3 articles .

Taking 3rd place which we would have preferred it didn’t happened as it is a rather unfortunate event is our: Double Tragedy for Pokémon & Professor Layton. In this article, we reported on the tragic deaths of Akira Tago and Eric Medalle. Tago met his end at the age of 90 after a battle with interstitial pneumonia. As for Medalle, his death was the result of a tragic accident, which saw a tree fall on top of his SUV with him inside it. Thankfully his daughter, who was in the vehicle during the accident, walked away with minor injuries.

Prior to their passing, Medalle was a Creative Design Director within the Pokémon Company, whereas Tago was a Puzzle Designer, often credited as the “Puzzle Master” for his work on the Professor Layton series.

Taking 2nd place was of course our news article: Pokémon GO in Action – The SXSW Footage is Here! Our coverage piece of the new and first lot of footage we’ve received of Pokémon GO which was shown at the South by Southwest convention. You can see the short clip for yourself here:

Now as for our Top Spot piece for this week, why it could only be our: My Nintendo is Live (In Japan) article. With both My Nintendo and Miitomo (more on this later), officially released in the east, we took the time to pen a piece on all the revealed rewards Japanese Nintendo gamers can acquire as part of the new account system, My Nintendo. For details on these rewards and how you can get the points to purchase them, be sure to check out the article below, with the others mentioned previously:

1st) My Nintendo is Live (In Japan)

2nd) Pokémon GO in Action – The SXSW Footage is Here!

3rd) Double Tragedy for Pokémon & Professor Layton



Our Big News of the week just had to be Miitomo! Not only was it released in Japan this week, but Nintendo’s first mobile game is proving to be a real hit in the Japanese iOS app store! Currently sitting in the Number #1 spot in free apps, Miitomo has beat off the likes of previous number #1 Puzzle & Dragons Radar and LINE But even then that is nothing, as Miitomo has already amassed over 1 million users in just three days. Free game or not, it is certainly an achievement for the gaming company Nintendo, considering as many were questioning the logic of this Mii orientated, social application. Given the success of it already, all eyes are certainly going to be on Nintendo, what they’ll do next and of course, Miitomo as we wait for the official release in the rest of the world.

Source: Steven Strom of IGN


With both good and bad news this week, it’s certainly been a well-rounded one and with the possibility of more Pokémon GO news next week, with news of Pokémon Sun & Moon to follow in April, there’s certainly going to be something to get us all talking.


Pokémon GO in Action – The SXSW Footage is Here!

With the exception of the cancellation of Niantic representative John Hanke’s presentation for Pokémon GO at the GDC this year and the news of Pokémon GO being ready for field-testing in Japan, we’ve had very little news regarding the mobile game, until now.

 During a panel at the South by Southwest convention (SXSW), footage of the upcoming mobile game was shown and we have some of that footage right here:

It has taken quite a number of months for us to reach this stage, but now we are actually able to get our first glimpse at the game and see just what it is all about and if what the current rumours suggest is true, we can expect to see beta tests finish around May/June and get our hands on the final product during Summer 2016. Sure it’s a bit of a wait but now that the door is open, we can expect to see a whole lot more of this game I the coming month before the floodgate opens completely and a whole lot more information will be shared on a regular basis and we can’t wait!


Twilight Princess HD Comes To Nintendo Badge Arcade!

For those of you that are engrossed in all things Nintendo Badge Arade and are a big fan of The Legend Of Zelda, the Badge Arcade Bunny as some Twilight Princess HD themed crane games for you to spend your well earned cash on. I will admit that I have dived straight in and got myself a few of these lovely badges myself but some of these crane machines require a little bit of strategy as the badges are quite big and get stuck on each other easily. There is also the hammer crane and the bomb crane machine that add a new level of skill to requiring these badges. You do get a couple of free plays on your first try and of course you can get lucky on the practice crane but you will still end up parting with a few euros/dollars/pounds et cetera. So will any of you be claiming some of these badges while they are available? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


Are the New Costumes Worth It? Super Mario Maker

After a couple of months of event courses and costumes, Nintendo’s BAFTA winning Super Mario Maker was on the receiving end of update version 1.40 and as well as new toys to play with, a whole new batch of costumes became available, but are they really worth it?

Not all the new costumes are unlocked by completing Super Expert mode on the 100 Mario Challenge, in fact you can actually get 3 by clearing Normal and 4 by clearing Expert, leaving 5 costumes which can only be unlocked via the means of Super Expert Mode, but when the harder to get costumes consist of Volleyball Player, Bubbles and Mallo from Pullblox, (Pushmo), you have to ask yourself if the costume is worth the effort getting?


As a gaming perfectionist, I strived to get them all, back when it was a measly 100 on offer and I did get them all. It took so many attempts and hours to complete Expert mode the required amount of times, but I went the mile and wouldn’t stop until I did get them all. Then when the update came out and the event courses started to flood Super Mario Maker, I found myself obsessing about collecting all the new costumes, including Fighter Fly, which with time, I was able to snag. I allowed myself to get totally caught up with getting them all, acting as if they were Pokémon and I just had to catch them all.


Even now I feel compelled to get them all, but I’m still enjoying Bravely Second: End Layer and am also in the middle of loving every minute I spend replaying Twilight Princess HD, and I don’t see why I should stop playing these two great titles, just to try and get some new costumes instead. I’ve already got Tetra, Nabbit and Balloon Fighter, who in my opinion are the good ones, so why should I spend time trying to grab the rest when that is time I could be spending playing any other game in my library, or building a new course.


From the event courses we’ve had some questionable costumes already, so yes it is no surprise the new update gave us more of the same quality, but at least with the event course costumes, it’s just the one level you have to play through, a brilliantly designed level such as the Twilight Princess HD one we saw released last week. I didn’t need to play it to unlock the Wolf Link costume, my amiibo did that for me already, but I played the course because I like to play the event courses because of their design, to me the costumes are merely a bonus, but doing Super Expert mode just to get Disk-kun, it just doesn’t feel like it’s worth the time and effort, not even just for the satisfaction of beating Super Expert. It might be worth it much later on down the line if the costumes on offer are “good ones,” but for now it’s just not and I think I’m just going to stick to playing course world and making courses during my next couple of plays.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-03-09 16-01-07

Then again, all of that is just my view on the worth of the new Mario attire, and here at Miketendo64, we love to hear your views. Better yet, if you have made a course with the new tools, be sure to leave a course ID or bookmark link, so we can give it a play the next time we’re kicking it in the course world

Till next time folks. You’re never too old to get your GAME on!




Gender Equality For All Shrooms! Toadette Comes To Super Mario Maker

Well the Super Mario Maker Mushroom Kingdom was starting to look a little bit like an all-male Toad party, but now the sausage fest has become a little less so thanks to the release of the newest costume to come to the game, Toadette.


Toadette, of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker fame, made her debut appearance in 2003’s Mario Kart: Double Dash!! And like Princess Daisy, and was one of the characters that SMM fans the world over, felt was missing from the game. In fact around the time we were waiting for Daisy to finally be announced, popular belief thought Toadette and Daisy would be costume numbers #119 and #120 and despite Daisy’s arrival at last, Toadette was nowhere to be seen, until now.


Out now, Toadette is busting her moves in an event course all of her own, and if you haven’t checked her course out yet, you can find the description below, along with her character trailer:


Toadette: Treasure Tracker:

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is back with another special course, and this time it’s the Captain’s treasure hunting partner Toadette who’s taking center stage! Do you have what it takes to dodge gigantic Spike Pillars, collect Pink Coins, and make it to the bounty of golden treasure at the course’s end?

With the first female Toad making her way into the game, she steals herself the #129 spot, leaving #130 and #131 open for anyone to take them and with the Shadow amiibo Mewtwo card not being compatible with Super Mario Maker, it looks like the dark version of Mewtwo will not be making an appearance any time soon, but that’s no reason to rule him out just yet!

My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-03-17 22-18-35

However Toadette isn’t the only costume to be announced this week as Barbara the Bat is about to be joined by fellow Yu Ayasaki, also of Daigasso! Band Brothers and you can expect to unlock her costume by beating the next event course, which is due out on the 21st of March and you can catch her character trailer below:

What’s more is Super Mario Maker has also received a minor update this week as well, in the form of version 1.41 which not only helps enhance performance, but also includes changes to the Wolf Link costume, in the form of translating it into the language you play your Wii U in.


With Yu finishing off the #121-#130 row, the focus turns to #131. Will this be the next event course unlockable or will that pleasure go to #145, leaving #131 to be another amiibo unlock that we have yet to hear about? We’ll soon find out in due time.

Source: Tyler Meehan of Gamnesia



DLC Details revealed for Hyrule Warriors & Hyrule Warriors Legends!

As announced in the last Nintendo Direct (March 3rd) There will be Downloadable content coming to Hyrule Warriors Legends on the 3DS. It has now been announced by Nintendo UK and also on the Hyrule Warriors Website that the Wii U will also be getting the DLC too! There will be a new season pass titled Legends Of Hyrule and can be purchased separately on 3DS or WiiU  or you can purchase them both together via the Nintendo eShop. The individual DLC packs can be bought separately as well or you can pass for the season pass and then download the DLC packs as soon as they are available. There are four DLC packs for the 3DS and five for the Wii U version (the fifth being the Legends Character pack for those that only have the Wii U version). These packs include  Link’s Awakening pack, Phantom Hourglass & Spirit tracks Pack, Link Between Worlds Pack and the Free Downloadable Character Pack of Medli from the Wind Waker. The DLC packs themselves will begin from Summer 2016 with the exception of Medli, who will be available late Spring. You can see some of the details listed for each pack in the image below (Courtesy of bear in mind that the prices listed are in US and Canadian Dollars.


Here are the prices for the DLC packs outside of the season pass as they become available in the UK & Europe. With the inclusions of the packs above. Hyrule Warriors Legends will also be getting the Master Wind Waker Pack as well.

DLC Pack Nintendo 3DS Only Wii U Only Nintendo 3DS + Wii U
Master Wind Waker Pack (DLC Pack 1) £1.79 / €1,99 Content unavailable on Wii U Content unavailable on Wii U
Link’s Awakening Pack (DLC Pack 2) £6.29 / €6,99 £4.49 / €4,99 £8.09 / €8,99
Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Pack (DLC Pack 3) £6.29 / €6,99 £4.49 / €4,99 £8.09 / €8,99
A Link Between Worlds Pack (DLC Pack 4) £6.29 / €6,99 £4.49 / €4,99 £8.09 / €8,99

So will any of you be picking up some DLC for Hyrule Warriors (Wii U) or Hyrule Warriors Legends when it becomes available? Will you be getting the season pass for both or for just one or will you only be picking them up separately when they become available? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Sources: /

Twilight Princess HD Sells Over Half A Million Copies First Week

The numbers are in of total units sold of Twilight Princess HD in its first week, courtesy of It seems that it has done reasonably well considering it is a HD remake of the original Gamecube/Wii game. As for the numbers themselves? 670,785 globally which, is not to be sniffed at given the Wii U’s track record with Joe Public. Of course the number of units sold in week two have not been updated yet but it has made a dramatic drop from the initial release sales.

Anyhow, you can check out how well it did it’s first week in the image below.

top 10


Over 200 Million Copies Sold Of Pokemon!

The Pokemon Company have released new information to the latest total sales of Nintendo’s second biggest franchise, Pokemon. The main series (not counting spin-offs like Pokemon Snap, Poke Park or Pokken Tournament) have sold over 200 million copies worldwide since its debut with Pokemon Red and Blue/Green version back in 1996. With Spin-off games included the total sales would be over 297 million units. The numbers is quite immense collectively but no generation of Pokemon games have managed to outsell the likes of  Pokemon Red and Blue/Green version and will be harder still what with the virtual console release of said games though there is no doubt that upcoming games Pokemon Sun and Moon will be very popular with a good number of sales.


The Pokemon Company are also doing exceptionally well with the Pokemon trading card series, which is still in production and has reportedly shipped more than 21.5 billion cards worldwide to 74 different countries and regions. Because many people are still collecting the trading cards today, Nintendo is hoping they can attract some of the older fans back to the card game by re-releasing the original cards which are available in special reprint packs. If the physical card game is not your thing, The Pokemon Company have also made the experience  playable virtually by releasing the trading card game on PC and iPad.


There have been 18 Pokemon movies released to date and they have also been a great success for The Pokemon Company, grossing in sales ¥76.72 billion ($689 million). The 19th movie, “Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna” is planned for release later on in the year and is to feature the two previously unseen creatures named in the title; Volcanion and Magearna. The former will be leaving its mark in the Pokemon history books as the first and only creature in the series so far to be both fire/water type.


With 2016 off to a good start with the Pokemon 20th anniversary, the re-release of Pokemon Red, Blue/Green and Yellow on the 3DS Virtual Console, the launch of Pokken Tournament  and ending the year with Pokemon Sun & Moon. I am we will be graced with another update of even more astounding proportions of the Sales of one of our beloved and most cherished franchises, Pokemon. If you have any thoughts or comments, please leave them in the comments section below.


Pokken Tournament Is Ours!

Today is a great day for us at Miketendo64 as we have picked up our copies of Pokken Tournament. The hype around this game got the better of us and we just had to get it. For those of you that may have been living under a rock and may not have any idea what Pokken Tournament is, it is like Pokemon had a baby with Tekken and that baby was hard up on pure adrenaline, that is what this game is. I have to say, I am having a LOT of fun with this game. Even though there are like 12 different Pokemon to choose from, I am currently maining Pikachu, he was always a good ‘Go-To’ character in Smash Bros and in Pokken is no exception. Used well and Pikachu can devastate even the mightiest of opponents, well in Green league at least, I am still working my way up in Blue League 😉 So we just wanted to share some screenshots that we have taken in game for you to enjoy at your leisure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My Nintendo Is Live (In Japan)

It’s taken almost forever but now both Miitomo and My Nintendo are live! Albeit they are only live in Japan at this current moment in time, the fact remains they are now both officially out and it is now just a manner of days before the rest of the globe gets to experience these new delights.miitomo

Nintendo’s first mobile game is ready for download and if you do fancy trying to get it early you can, you just need to configure your shop settings on your phone to being in Japan, so that you can download Miitomo, which is comes in English (one of eight langauges). But why settle for the mobile when instead we can go nuts over the fact that My Nintendo is now in action and already a list of rewards have been unveiled for those using the new account system from Nintendo? It is uncertain if they same rewards will be available to the rest of the world, or if each region will have a certain set, but for now, here is everything we now about the rewards:


  • Mario Suit – 250 Platinum Points (Can be redeemed until the 1st of May, 2016)
  • 1 game ticket – 85 Platinum Points (Can be redeemed 5 times until the 1st 0f April, 2016)
  • 5 game tickets – 420 Platinum Points (Can only be redeemed 2 times until the 1st of April)
  • 10 game tickets – 250 Platinum Points (Can only be redeemed 1 time)



  • 20% off Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) – 950 Platinum Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of July)
  • 20% off Dr. Luigi (Wii U) – 230 Platinum Points (Can only be redeemed once time until the 1st of July)
  • 20% off New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS) – 750 Platinum Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of July)
  • 20% off Brain Age: Concentration Training (3DS) – 600 Platinum Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of July)
  • 40% off Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D (3DS) – 130 Gold Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of July)
  • 40% off Ultimate NES Remix (3DS) – 105 Gold Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of July)
  • 50% off Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move (3DS) – 50 Gold Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of July)
  • 40% off New Super Mario Bros. U (Wii U) – 160 Gold Points – (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of July)
  • 50% off Metroid: Other M (Wii U) – 90 Gold Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of July)
    50% off Super Mario Galaxy (Wii U) – 90 Gold Points (Can only be redeemed once time until the 1st of July)


Games: (Old & New)

  • My Nintendo Picross – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (3DS) – 1,000 Platinum Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of October)
  • Super Mario 64 (Wii U) – 120 Gold Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of August)
  • New Super Luigi U (Wii U) – 240 Gold Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of August)
  • Pikmin 3 DLC: Battle Enemies! Stages 7-10 (Wii U) – 30 Gold Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of August)
  • WarioWare: Touched! (3DS) – 1,000 Platinum Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of July)
    Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (3DS) – 50 Gold Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of July)
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii U) – 320 Gold Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of July)
  • Metroid: Fusion (Wii U) – 85 Gold Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of August)
    Super Punch-Out!! (Wii U) – 100 Gold Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of August)


3DS Themes:

  • My Nintendo Theme 1: Mario – 200 Platinum Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of May)
  • My Nintendo Theme 2: Donkey Kong – 200 Platinum Points (Can only be redeemed once until the 1st of May)

Now if there is something in this list that you just have to get your hands on, be sure to check out the image below for information on how you can get yourself Platinum and Gold points:


Going by this list, buying software from the eShop seems the best way to go, but if like me, you prefer physical games to digital, you are more than welcome to stick to clearing the Miitomo missions such as listening to your friends answers 10 times a day, linking your Miitomo to Facebook, or even changing your Mii’s clothes once a day.


This is our first true glimpse into just what we can expect to see from Nintendo’s new account system and already they’re off to a good start, but we’d love to hear what you think of these rewards for My Nintendo and if you are interested in getting Miitomo for your phone. Or are you going to give it a miss altogether? Let us know!

Source: @NE_Brian of Nintendo Everything

Wolf Link The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Amiibo Review

Our friends over at have written another smashing review. This time it is the Wolf Link amiibo. You can read it here but be sure to check out their other reviews on amiibo, Micro Land and World Of Nintendo figures.

The Wolf Link Amiibo is arguably one of the most exciting figures Nintendo has released and it breaks new ground in figure design for the Amiibo line.  Zelda Amiibos have been very popular thus far in the United States and I anticipate this figure continuing that trend.  If you haven’t heard, this Amiibo is initially only bundled with the Twilight Princess HD for Wii U for $60, eventually, you’ll be able to just buy the Amiibo if you don’t want the game.  I really like Twilight Princess and certainly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t played it, but other than that recommendation, this review will focus solely on the Amiibo and is not a review of the game.  With so much information to cover, this review will be a bit longer than usual, but I hope you enjoy reading it.  The goal is to make sure you understand what the…

View original post 948 more words

Success! I Have Completed Twilight Princess HD 100%

Not of any particular news interest but I just wanted to share my accomplishments with you all.

I have successfully completed The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD 100%. That means all heart pieces, bugs, wallets, Poes, items, Stamps, Fish & Fishing lures  and dual victory over both  Cave Of Ordeals and Cave Of Shadows.

It was an arduous journey but a worthy one. It was also one of the first times I have actually completed a Zelda game to such an extent (normally I just finish the game with one or two sidequests left still unfinished. 100 Gold Skulltulas? Yipes! Maybe next time). Twilight Princess is one of my most favourite Zelda games of all time, second only to Ocarina Of Time on the N64. So to celebrate my effort I have put together a slideshow of screenshots that I have taken from the game purely for Bragging Rights ;)!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Double Tragedy For Pokemon & Professor Layton

It is a mournful week for Nintendo Fans as two respected members of The Pokemon Company International and Level 5 have passed away. Creative Design Director Eric Medalle from The Pokemon Company International died on Sunday during a windstorm and Akira Tago, Puzzle Designer for the Professor Layton Series died aged 90 falling ill to interstitial pneumonia on March 6th.

Akira Tago was a revered Author and Psychologist who made his debut with his best-selling quiz book, “Atama No Taiso” (Brain Exercises) in 1966. It spun 22 sequels and has sold 12 million copies by 2001. He was credited as the “Puzzle Master” by his peers for his work on the Professor Layton Series.

Eric Medalle died when a massive tree fell on top of his SUV. Thankfully, one of his daughters who were with him at the time, survived the accident and only suffered minor Injuries. Medalle was credited with working on several games in the Pokemon Series. Here is a list of the games he worked on, courtesy of Bulbapedia:

– Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: English & European Graphic Design
– Pokemon X and Y: English & European Graphic Design
– Pokemon Black and White Versions 2: English Version Artwork
– Pokemon Conquest: Graphic Design
– Pokemon Black and White Versions: English Version Artwork
– Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs: English-Version Graphic Design
– Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions: English-Version Artwork
– Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia: English Version Artwork

Our sincere condolences to both Tago’s and Medalle’s family during this tough time.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Rumoured For NX Launch Title!

King of the Rumour Mill, Geno, the same guy that brings us all the most up-to-date rumors on the Nintendo NX,  known for rocking the foundations of the internet with his information on Call of Duty: Bloodlines and for bringing us news on Pokemon X & Y long before they were announced has found new information that seems to point at Luigi’s Mansion 3 coming to the Nintendo NX as a launch title that will also help demonstrate the capabilities of Nintendo’s upcoming console that will be something visually stunning. All the supposed details on Luigi’s Mansion for Nintendo NX that is known so far can be read below:

“Luigi’s Mansion 3 is planned to be Nintendo’s impressive visual launch title. The goal I’ve been told, was when the team at Next Level and EAD Tokyo 2 saw the American commercial for Luigi’s Mansion 2 (aka Dark Moon) their goal was to create something that visually stunning for NX and according to sources they have come “damn close to it” with one saying “it’s going to cause arguments on the internet whether it’s a bullsh*t or not despite us developers knowing you can achieve something like on the current hardware specs”. The game uses a lot of advance lighting techniques to create this “living 3d cartoon movie” look with insanely detailed shadows and transparencies. It also shows off the haptic analog sticks, which will resist when trying to capture ghosts. An AR multiplayer mode is also planned to be in the final version of the game.”




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