Our Supporters

Miketendo64 has really made progress over the short period we have been running and a large part of that is because of our fan base. Your support has enabled us to get in contact with various game developers & Publishers to provide us with interviews, statements and even review codes for games. Some Devs and Publishers have gone as far as to give us digital codes to reward our followers in giveaways.

We are privileged to have this kind of connection with such great people from 13 AM Games, Image & Form, WayForward, Yacht Club Games, Ubisoft, Konami, Bandai Namco, Sega, Ratalaika Games and many more. So we feel it is only fair that we honour our relationship with these amazing people that have given us a chance and added us to their Press Lists and Review Code Lists.

We have listed them below with Links to their respective websites:

13 AM Games


Bandai Namco

Circle Entertainment


FDG Entertainment


Image & Form Games

Inti Creates

Jackbox Games






NIS America

Rataliaka Games

Raw Fury


Shin’en Multimedia

TinyBuild Games

Thunder Lotus


Upfall Studios


Wish Fang

Wraith Games

Yacht Club Games

Zoink! Games

Zordix AB



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