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Amazon Is Where I Buy Most Of My Online Goodies

Are You looking for some nifty collectibles, accessories or games for your growing Nintendo collection. Your local Videogame store may not have what
you are looking for and in most hopeful cases, may be able to order it for you but with the Internet readily available in almost every home. It has now become so much easier to do your collection hunting online, granted you will need to possess a Debit or Credit Card (I use the former). There are plenty of online shopping sites that can offer good, affordable merchandise and most are willing to post their wares to almost anywhere. My favourite website so far is AMAZON. I constantly bounce between .com, .co.uk, .ca, .es and .fr looking for the best offers, availability and reliable postage. I have bought most of my collection off of Amazon and it has cost me a fraction of what it would cost me in the standard Videogame Retailers. I then use the money that I save to buy more merchandise and accessories so it is a WIN / WIN situation. In the good ol’ days of the 90’s we could pick up N64 games and PSX games for little more than ₤20, Nowadays it is more like ₤35 to ₤55 and beyond so there is nothing better than getting more bang for your buck in this day and age & Videogames are no exception.


Regardless of what you buy, you must expect some damage or deterioration on either book covers, box cases, scratches, etc. This is normal and most sites specify what the state of the product you are buying. If you are looking for Mint Condition pieces, expect to pay a little more for things, if you are not bothered by a couple of scratches (on game cases not discs) you can find huge discounts or otherwise costly items. If you are looking for unofficially but still equally brilliant and beautiful merchandise, the kind that makes you think ‘Why didn’t Nintendo think of that?’ then FANGAMER and ETSY are a good place to look. Most of their products are wonderfully done and beautifully crafted that all they are missing is Nintendo’s Official Seal Of Approval. I have bought a couple of things from these sites as well and am not disappointed one bit.

You will see advertisements of different products on various pages of this Blog Site. They are mainly to help pay for the maintenance of this Site. Some may be of interest to you, others may not. To the Nintendo collector, I hope they will be of use to you and aid you on your quest to build your collection. You never know, it may be that ONE thing you were looking for. Please feel free to check out some of the Reviews I have made on the products I have bought online and see if they may spark you into getting one yourself.



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