The Speed Run Secret is Out! Tri Force Heroes

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

Speeds runs and Zelda is a relationship that has been going on for quite some time and whereas a lot of them require skill, there is a Speed run that gamers of all levels can partake in and the playing arena is Tri Force Heroes.

I discovered the means for this when noticing the skip function on the lower screen when adventuring alone. Each skip costs a fairy but it also reduces your chances of getting a decent clothing material upon completion of your current level. With a tilt of the head, I thought I would try something, I quite my current level, selected the boss level in Riverside and completed the first stage, and then skipped and skipped and skipped again, by passing the entire boss battle and finishing the level a whole lot sooner, within mere minutes and I received my little Triforce token, symbolising my completion of the level and then the speed run begun.

Here’s what you do, start a new game, skip the yaddah yaddah dialogue and go sign up to hunt witches. As soon as you have your Hero’s tunic it is time to venture forth in the Drablands. Now using the method I mentioned in the previous paragraph, complete the first stage of any boss level and then do the dance of skip, skip, skip and boom level done. You do this for all eight stages and then go enjoy the events that follow, making up the one dress that can break the curse on the Princess, then you go break the curse and party when the King throws you a party before its time for the credits.

Using this method, you can easily complete story mode within two hours and talk to the Princess and King to receive your reward for saving her. You can even use this method to complete all the bonus challenges as well, given you competition within an additional six hours. The downside to this, other than cheating yourself out of the earned satisfaction of completing the game the proper way, is skipping most of the story, and not receiving clothing materials to make have Madame Couture whip you up a whole new costume.

So if you have got bored of the game and want to complete the majority of it a whole lot faster, then this cheat is ideal for you, but if you want to complete the game the right way, the way it is meant to be played, then good for you and make sure you don’t use this technique, unless of course you’re out to set a speed run record.

Till next time folks. Keep up the good fight and Keep on Gaming!

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