The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Fan

Artwork_Logo_Legend_of_Zelda_Series  We all remember our first Zelda game and that moment where we find ourselves truly captivated in the amazing world in front of us. There are mountains to scale, lakes to submerge into, dungeons to master and a damsel in distress for us to rescue and the multitude of sidequests to keep the player entertained and feel rewarded afterwards. Whether it was the very first ‘The Legend Of Zelda’ on the NES or ‘The Wind Waker’ on the Gamecube or like me, it was ‘The Ocarina Of Time’ on the Nintendo 64.

Zelda title screen
Ocarina Of Time Was My First And Most Favourite Zelda Game

Whichever game in the series it was, it has ultimately shaped us into the fans we are today. Whether you are the just a fan of a few games in the series or the proud owner of a vast collection of Zelda games and memorabilia that would make most of the Zelda Fan world envious, we are all at the end of the day fans of one of the most memorable and compelling Game series of all time.

There are a lot of fantasy Role Player Games like ‘World Of Warcraft’ and ‘Skyrim’ but none of them truly compare to the Legend of Zelda series (in my opinion anyway, if you disagree well, you are entitled to your opinion ;). It had the taste of adventure that every young lad yearns for and left us wanting more every time we finished the game. In WOW and Skyrim you can interact and battle other players around the globe and that can be quite daunting when fighting against thousands if not more, players that are a lot faster, stronger and quicker on a keyboard than you. In The Legend of Zelda However, It didn’t matter if you were 5 or 45, The Legend of Zelda is about You, The Player, on a quest to save Hyrule (and other places).

The Legend Of Zelda is More Personal, It Is About You, The Player.
The Legend Of Zelda is More Personal, It Is About You, The Player.

It is more personal and you haven’t got complete strangers cursing you or pulverizing your sorry Hide into oblivion (Well except Ganondorf, he has issues). It is both challenging and fun and makes you feel like you have achieved something. Whether it is finally beating the dungeon you were stuck in, selling masks in order to get the Mask Of Truth, Sailing the Seas to water wilting Deku plants or helping the cucco lady. The Legend Of Zelda leaves you with a pure and honest satisfaction every time you put the controller down for the day.

My Little Collection Of Zelda Related Merchandise.

What more is that the love we have for this series extends into buying related merchandise, be it official or unofficial, in order to express or relationship with this franchise. there is a clothing range, amateur and professional cosplays, action figures, toys and plushies and not to mention the written interpretation into books and Manga, the list is endless and as long as there are Zelda fans in the world, there will always be a market for merchandising. I for one have also succumbed to buying various books, figures and clothing and about 90% of you that read this probably have too.

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