Confessions of a Terrible Gamer #2 Cheapskate Buyer, Cheap Game Buyer

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

JH Longman profile pic 1I’m still awed by how much better I feel by having gotten that last confession off my chest, so I just want to keep this liberating good feeling going, so it’s time for another one and I don’t know if this is bigger than the last one, but it’s defiantly worse, so here goes. I’m a cheapskate buyer.

Everyone watches their pennies, we have to in this day and age, when we were kids, we thought it would be easier when we’d become adults and have a job to be able to afford the games we wanted, but then we have the money, but we don’t have the time to play, or we have other things we have to spend the money on, forcing us to be as we were all those years ago when we would save and save, just to procure our next new title and I definitely fall into that category. For months and months I saved up, raising a fund of €130.00 euros, just to blow it on games, but instead of doing the right thing by Nintendo and buying the big Nintendo games, ie Mario 3D World, Smash, Splatoon and other titles of the like that are all around €36.00 – €40.00 euros on Amazon, meaning I’d only be able to get three, I went the cheapskate option and brought a boat-load of cheaper games, in the €12.00 – €20.00 euro region and I’m quite please I did because every title I did buy, were brand new, as I preferred to avoid the “be a massive cheapskate and buy only second-hand so you can get twice as many games,” route, but I’m still a massive tight-arse nonetheless.

Still tight-arse or not, they are still all great titles and games more than worth what I spent on them and are highly pleasurable to play, plus the money they actually saved me, leaves me with a new fund to get more games, games of worth even, but come on, 7 good Wii U titles (one of which is Creed 3) and four PC games of Assassin’s Creed, giving me a full collection of eleven games, including delivery, well that really is value for money, after all sometimes it really does pay to shop around online and be a tight-arse here and there. Also Wii U has plenty of other titles that are great fun to play, even if not your cup of tea, you never know until you try, and being a cheapskate I did try and the games I thought I’d never play, I have played and they are pretty awesome, plus Epic Mickey 2 and Mass Effect are both resting nice on pretty at €12.00 euros, I might just have to snap them and add them to the collection as well.

Damn it, compulsion to buy something is high again, need to go on Amazon, I swear I’m getting a shopping addiction, so while I go indulge in my growing habit, I suggest you do the same, log onto Amazon now and buy a game you wouldn’t normally play. Pick a number and the first game you see that comes closest to your number, that’s what you get and then next time, you can comment all about it, in my next edition of Confessions of a Terrible Gamer.