Confessions of a Terrible Gamer #1 The Confessions Begin

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

I Featured imagehave a terrible secret I have to get off my chest, I just can’t keep it in any longer, I have to get it out, I have to! So here goes, between you, me and everyone else who has uses the internet and comes across this page, I’m a terrible gamer!!!

I know, not such an epic reveal as it could have been, but even then, this is serious, I am a terrible gamer and I don’t just mean in the sense that I’m terrible because I’m the online player you hope is never on your team because they are a complete noob who keeps dying every five seconds and letting the other side win, because I’m freaking awesome and just love to own. I may suck a little on games like Call of Duty, but it’s only because of lack of experience, I can soon pick it up and slug it out like the rest of the big boys. But no, I’m a terrible gamer in the worst way, I’m a hard-core Nintendo fan and yet besides a gameboy, I have never owned any other Nintendo handheld and I never actually got the new Nintendo (the Wii U), until judgement day, aka December 25th and for the four months that followed, I never brought another game for my console until my April birthday.

I know, four months without purchasing another title, it’s terrible), but to be fair, I was spending some serious time playing some Wii titles I’d own for ages that I hadn’t played yet and the Wii U’s HD version of Wind Waker for the first time (I know, another le gasp moment, by this point you must be ready to lay me to waste). Plus at the time, I still found the Wii U titles to be a bit out of my price range, but then a game changer occurred, I landed a gig that actually paid me in video games for my services and soon, both Bayonetta 2 and Assassins Creed IV Black Flag fell into my lap and the world just change. I was thrown deeper into the world of crazy, graphically beautiful videogames that just engulfed everything. I’ve been missing out on so much, gaming has well and truly come a long way since the old 90’s days and I just had to be a big part of it.

bay2 2

Before I knew it, I had spent many sleepless nights caning story mode and conducting brutal kills and even then it wasn’t enough, I needed more titles to play, more titles to call my own and new adventures to be enjoyed. I logged into Amazon and got my spend on, sure I could have done the cliché thing of buying Smash, Mario 3D World, Splatoon and Nintendo Land, but my brother has those games, I can play them whenever I want to borrow them, I wanted something else, so I went Batman Arkham Origins, I went Call of Duty, Darksiders 2 and Assassins Creed 3. The games I never thought I’d actually play, but heard about a lot, the games that since adding to my collection, I love to play and sometimes just can’t wait to get home from work and turn on the console as I spitball ideas for my next piece. Yes I’ll admit, the titles I brought, many of not all or cross platforms so it does make a mockery of me being Nintendo, when I could be Xbox, or PS4 and still play these games, along with Final Fantasy, but those consoles don’t have Link, and sure Wii U doesn’t have Zelda U at the moment either, but it will and it will be worth the wait, easily an all-time Zelda top five game just because.

Additions feature art

But yeah, I’m the first one to admit it, I took a huge hiatus from this world of videogames, well words, but I’m back now and my wallet is much bigger and sure the games I’m now buying may have been out a year or two, or three already compared to what is out now, but hey, I’ve got serious catching up to do and you’ve got to walk before you can run, but I’ll be running in no time (straight for Zelda hopefully). Videogaming is a way of life and it’s a life I’m not quite ready to leave, so as soon as I’m done here, I’m logging straight onto Amazon and ordering Resident Evil Revelations. I was playing the demo earlier and just have to have it. Didn’t think much of the Wonderful 101 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Still, shooting a T-virus infected or slaying a monster, shooting is the clear winner. Make sure you tune in next time for Confessions of a Terrible Gamer.

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