Tri Force Heroes The Miketendo64 Guide to Farming

Written by: J.H. Longman

With “hard to obtain” gold materials eluding a number of Zelda gamers and expensive items in the shop that are a little out of the budget, our guide is here to help you farm your way to a purse bursting with rupees and ensure the gold material items become yours.


Making it Rain: (More rupees then your wallet can handle)

First on the agenda, acquiring all the rupees you could possibly want, although sadly there is a limit of 99,999, which does mean we can rule out becoming millionaires. Now it is no secret that to begin with, obtaining a sizable chunk of rupees is not possible, which leaves you having to save up quite a lot during first few trips into the Drablands before you can even begin to purchase the more costly items available from the shop. However once you’ve made it to the Fortress, you can now start accumulating the items you need to unlock the Rupee Regalia costume, the suit that can make all your dreams come true.


All you need to make it is:

*1 Royal Ring

*1 Antique Coin

*1 Fancy Fabric

*1200 rupees (bit of a big ask, bit this costume will have you getting it back in no time)

But once you have the outfit, your fortune is greatly improved because not only can you wear the outfit whilst questing in the Drablands, ensuring your wallet grows that little bit faster, but you can wear it whilst out and about in Hytopia and make a whole lot more money in a lot less time. One simple run around Hytopia cutting every blade of grass and smashing pots can add between 300 to 1000 rupees in a single session and each session is easily doable in less than two minutes, so not only is it a good turnover, but a fast one as well. After all the Rupee Regalia doubles all possible rupees and ensures red and purple are two colours you will be seeing a lot more of, and you will.


But raking in thousands of rupees within an hour is child’s play compared to farming gold items from the coliseum, but it is still more than doable, so with the rupee farming part of this guide over, it’s time we moved on to securing the gold.


Going for Gold: (Obtaining the Sword Master Suit and More)

Now whereas farming rupees solely needs the Rupee Regalia, getting the likes of the Golden Insect, Gold Dust and the Fabled Butterfly, is a little bit harder, because you will need all of the following:

*The Bear Minimum suit (which you get just by starting the game)

*At least one other person to play with you, who knows you are farming and is doing it with you.

*And you will also require any one of these three suits: Sword Suit, Sword Master or even the Fierce Deity. (Either one will do just fine as they all do the same damage, so if you have only unlocked the Sword Suit then you are good to go)


Now I said about having a partner to play with who knows you aim to “farm,” this is key because without their co-operation getting the items becomes a whole lot easier and given as how “hard” these items can be to obtain, finding a partner who has the same goals as you should be a lot easier than going ten rounds in coliseum against skilled opponents and not winning anything. So as long as you find a local or online player that you can talk to and play with, you are good to go and the farming can begin.

To ensure full co-operation it is best to take it in turns acquiring your required items, so if one of you gets gold, it is then the turn of the other player or players, for a chance of winning before it comes back to you. Now as for the actual winning, whoever is playing the “loser,” be sure to wear the Bear Minimum costume, as it leaves you, or them, with eight hearts instead of nine and causes you to receive double damage. You could try wearing the Cursed Tights but you can go some matches where the one wearing the tights, keeps getting lucky and dodges all attacks delivered. The “winner” however picks one of the three sword suits mentioned earlier and if they happen to use the Sword Master Suit, then you clearly know they don’t need to get the Fabled Butterfly, Gold Dust, or Golden Insect.


Once your costumes and chosen level is picked, the rule is simple, the winner must kill their opponent as many times as they possibly can and this can be down one of two ways. One, is you swing, wait for them to recover and then swing again, killing them. Or two you charge up a spin attack and unleash it on them, killing them in just the one hit. However there is one slight problem, the Wallmaster, with his own instant kill move, it pays to pay him attention and ensure you avoid him at all costs, whilst killing the loser.

When the match is over and you have killed them as many times as you can, it is time to pray, because although this is your best bet of getting the rare item, sometimes the game can turn around and bite you on your butt by giving you a bronze or silver item. If you do not get your item within three matches, try another level, with my own experience moving on to another level usually met with first time success. Now should you do win the rarer item and you swap roles with your opponent, be sure to select another level, although you can get gold twice in a row, it’s not all that often as you can so you are better off playing a different level and then going back to the one you really want afterwards.


As for the level selecting itself that‘s the easy part, the Link whose turn it is to win, they pick the level they want, casting their vote, leaving the loser to then pick it afterwards as they can see the little Link head icon beside the level they picked. At least this way, you can guarantee the level you want is selected and as long as you follow everything said in this guide, you’ll have every gold item you desire and plenty to spare.

May your life as a Famer be a merry one.