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For all you guys & girls that, like me, can’t get enough of the awesome game that is SUPER MARIO MAKER, we at are putting together this online Handbook full of tips, tricks, secrets & other stuff for you to enjoy & read at your leisure. From building your own signature level to taking on The 100 Mario Challenge on Expert Mode and also shedding light on how to get your hands on those Medals and more importantly how many Stars are needed to obtain each one. This Handbook is a work in Progress and will be constantly updated over time. If you have any tips, tricks, secrets and other stuff you would like to share with us, please be sure to leave us a message in the comment section below and we shall verify and add it to the page.

Building Levels

This one is for those that are new to the game. As you may already be aware, you don’t have to wait a whole nine days to unlock everything nor do the Wii U date change trick to get everything quicker. All you have to do is place everything that you have available in your tool list and play around with them for about 15 minutes and a delivery truck will arrive bringing new tools and also a sample level to play through, demonstrating how you can use the new tools. Keep repeating this method until you have rows 1-5 complete (Row 6 is just to customize for personal use).

Unlock NWC Levels (Nintendo World Championships)

To unlock the four NWC Levels that were played at the Nintendo World Championships, you have to play and complete all 64 levels in the 10 Mario Challenge.

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Unlock Skinny Mushroom

Complete all four NWC levels to unlock the the skinny mushroom. You then have to shake the super mushroom and it will become the skinny mushroom.

Gnat Attack Minigame

To unlock the Gnat Attack minigame from Mario Paint there are two methods. Place lots of blocks over the level and they will eventually appear at random or even simpler, shake about the Muncher plants and the flies will come out. Swat them all and you can play the Gnat Attack minigame.

Builder Mario Costume

To unlock the Builder Mario Costume, you have to play and beat all three levels of the the Gnat Attack minigame


Obtaining Medals

1 Star- Goomba Medal (no upload limit increase)
50 Stars- Koopa Troopa Medal, upload limit increased (20 courses).
150 stars- Piranha Plant medal, upload limit increased (30 courses).
300 stars- Spiny medal, upload limit increased (40 courses).
500 stars- Cheep Cheep medal, upload limit increased (50 courses).
800 stars- Blooper medal, upload limit increased (60 courses).
1300 stars- Lakitu medal,upload limit increased (70 courses).
2000 stars- Bowser medal, upload limit increased (80 courses).
3000 stars- Toad medal, upload limit increased (90 courses).
5000 stars- Princess Peach medal,upload limit increased (100 courses).
Any medals obtained past this point will no longer increase the upload limit.

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Unlocking New Costumes

Two ways to do this, either own the appropriate Amiibo and place it on the NFC port to unlock the costume or master the 100 Mario Challenge multiple times until you unlock every costume, whether it be chronically or financially, be prepared to pay to unlock these costumes

Unlock Expert Mode- 100 Mario Challenge

Play through and complete 100 Mario Challenge on Normal Mode once to unlock Expert Mode.

Tips on Beating 100 Mario Challenge (Especially Expert Mode)

These are just tips rather than actual tricks or cheats, so you will still have to rely on your skill to pass each level

Skipping Levels Best Of Three- If it takes more than three lives to try to complete a level, skip it. If you die in less than three seconds, skip it!

Ration Out Your Lives- It helps to ration your lives to break up the 16 stage long challenge mode. Don’t lose no more than 25 lives in each “4 level” segments to give yourself half a chance to complete Expert Mode. (e.g. If you are halfway you should still have at least 50 lives left, if not It will be much harder to complete Expert Mode as you have less live to expend).

Avoid Trampolines & Music Blocks themed levels- Probably the most useful tip to remember, unless you are a Bouncing Master, Music Blocks and Trampolines require a lot more skill in order to get the jump right. Bouncing on top of enemies on the other hand, if you keep the jump button held down you will automatically jump higher.

Alternate Rescue Message- 100 Mario Challenge

If you finish the 100 Mario Challenge in a costume (in the Super Mario Bros theme), Toad or Princess Peach will say an alternate Rescue Message.


Creating Music Levels

You can create Music levels by shaking the music note to its alternate type and placing them at different heights, those closer to the ground will be lower and those higher will be of a higher pitch.

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Hidden ‘How To’ & Tips Videos

If you are one of the lucky ones who has the Super Mario Maker Artbook (In physical or Digital Copy) You would have noticed that on some of the images there is a 4- digit code with a key next to it. If you go to the main menu screen in the Manual, there is an option to input the code at the bottom of the screen. Input one of the many codes to watch a hidden video display useful & creative ways to use blocks, enemies and how each movement pattern differs from enemy to enemy (try this code for example 9481).

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Interactive Title Screen

Not a trick or tip but just a little joyful Easter egg. On the Main Title Screen, if you press on each of the letters of “SUPER MARIO MAKER” they will interact. Some Will drop enemies, others will drop power-ups, the ‘R‘ allows you to record a message!

Old Fashion TV Screen Style

You sometimes feel that playing levels in Super Mario Bros theme (or any of the other themes for that matter) on a modern TV is quite Retro ‘Classique” enough for you? Well, whilst on the loading screen, press and hold down A, B and D-down on the D-pad to turn the screen into the old fashion 8-Bit CRT TV Style. If You restart or level the level, it will automatically change back to normal.

The Mega Mushroom- 30th Anniversary Mario Amiibo

If you tap the 30th Anniversary Mario Amiibo onto the gamepad, you will be given a Mega Mushroom (only in Super Mario Bros theme) which makes you Mega Mario and can smash through most blocks except the Hard Ground, It also has other effect including changing the screen style to 8-Bit CRT TV mode. All the enemies will have moustaches, some will wear hats, Princess Peach (or Luigi) rides on Bowser and Luigi Rides clouds, Dry Bones, gets fired out of cannons, etc. The Kuribo Shoe also changes form!

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Creating Checkpoints using the Password system.

Probably the most ingenius and innovative use of Super Mario Maker yet. User RagnarokX has created an intricate password protected machine that when you enter the correct password, A warp pipe will become unlocked to take you to a later part of the level. First you have to make it to a certain checkpoint in the level which will have a 3 tool password. somewhere on the screen. Remember this password because if you die, you can then input it into the Password machine at the beginning of the level hitting the music blocks above the corresponding tool (Pow Block, Blue Skull, Spike). This is a very detailed contraption that uses trampolines to push hazardous Nipper plants out of the way for spinys to hit bob-ombs which drop and blow up the rocks blocking the way to the checkpoint warp point that you discovered earlier without having to traverse through a huge portion of level again. This is what the contraption looks like, it is very very clever and the user can change the passwords to suit themselves by adjusting the nipper plants where need be.


Creating solid invisible blocks/platforms

You can make solid invisible blocks and platforms by taking an invisible block, put it on top of a track, drag that combination over a cloud and then remove the track to make it disappear, the entire thing will then turn invisible while still being functional. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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