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This Month Is ZELDA Month! At

It has finally arrived, the month of February, the month that brings with it the 30th Anniversary of The Legend Of Zelda. To celebrate the occasion, we at Miketendo64 will be hosting ‘Zelda Month.’ We will be reposting and sharing a lot of our Zelda themed articles, reviews and videos throughout the month and we… View Article
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#Splatoon — The Final Splat still to come

Written by J.H. Longman   With two reviews down already, only one more remains as far as that inktastic colourful, Nintendo shooter, Splatoon is concerned and yes shooter is a spoiler. I’ve already covered the Battle Dojo, how to own against family and friends and covered story mode in its own review, so now, all… View Article
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Check Out Our Splatoon Feature Article

Here At we have finally came to a point where we can start developing our Reviews and Feature Articles for Nintendo Games. To kick us off is our new feature writer Jack Longman with his article on Splatoon  for the Wii U and it’s “Battle Dojo” Mode. If you are interested in Splatoon and… View Article
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