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(Random) “R” is for Rangers, Among Other Things (Super Bomberman R)

On the 3rd of March, Bomberman will make his triumphant return when Super Bomberman R releases on the Nintendo Switch, but just what does the “R” stand for? This question drove one gamer/reddit user to contact Konami US on their official reddit account and this is the response he got:
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(Random) Amazon Listing Reveals The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Edition Volume 4 Manga Cover

As someone who never brought the previous Zelda mangas, buying the Legendary Editions is a must for me, as well as staying up to date on anything related to the Legendary Edition. So naturally I troll amazon, waiting for the moment a new cover for the mangas would be reveal and lo and behold, Volume… View Article
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(Random) Rusty amiibo is Just Fan Art

Bad news guys, the really cool Rusty amiibo figurine depicted in Image & Form’s SteamWorld tease image is fan-made.
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