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Pokémon GO – Beta Footage Emerges!

Now with Pokémon GO commencing field testing in Japan, new footage of the game has emerged from the beta and you can catch it right here: It was only announced this week that we would be able to customise our trainer and now with this footage, we can see some of the customisation process in… View Article
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Two Days Away From Miitomo!

Miitomo and My Nintendo had their official release earlier this month in Japan, and now both the mobile game and new Nintendo account system are coming to the west and it’s about time! We were promised it would be this month and Nintendo are in fact delivering on this promise as both Miitomo and My… View Article
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Trainer Levels, Gyms, PokéSpots & Pokémon Evolution – Everything we Know about Pokémon GO

  It’s been over a month since we put out our last Everything we Know about Pokémon GO piece and given as how there has been some new developments since then, it’s time we updated the info so far. Below you will find a complete run through of everything official we’ve heard, along with some rumours,… View Article
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Pokémon GO in Action – The SXSW Footage is Here!

With the exception of the cancellation of Niantic representative John Hanke’s presentation for Pokémon GO at the GDC this year and the news of Pokémon GO being ready for field-testing in Japan, we’ve had very little news regarding the mobile game, until now.  During a panel at the South by Southwest convention (SXSW), footage of… View Article
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