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Trainer Levels, Gyms, PokéSpots & Pokémon Evolution – Everything we Know about Pokémon GO

  It’s been over a month since we put out our last Everything we Know about Pokémon GO piece and given as how there has been some new developments since then, it’s time we updated the info so far. Below you will find a complete run through of everything official we’ve heard, along with some rumours,… View Article
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USA Gets Early Access To Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge

The lucky folks in the USA can get early access to Mini Mario & Friends Amiibo Challenge between March 25th and April 27th if they buy any amiibo figure from selected outlets (yes, they actually state that on their website “Any amiibo figure”). Game Stop, Amazon and Best Buy are participating in this early access event… View Article
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Nintendo Denies Ending Wii U Production Rumour

Just yesterday, Japanese newspaper Nikkei published a rumor that states the Wii U will be ceasing production by the end of the year to make way for the Nintendo’s upcoming console the NX. Nintendo is denying the report to be true. Nikkei reports Wii U production will stop due to “lack of popularity” compared to the Wii and that the console… View Article
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New Kirby Amiibo Series Confirmed For June Release!

As announced in the last Nintendo Direct, the loveable pink ball with an eating disorder will be getting his own series of amiibo. Kirby, Meta Knight & King Dedede will be making an amiibo return (as they already have their own amiibo in the Smash Bros series) and will also be joined by Waddle Dee. This amiibo… View Article
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Nintendo’s Gaming News Weekly Round-up! G0, NX and Farewell to Medalle & Tago

  From Mario to Link, to Inklings to Pokémon, as always, we’re here to keep you updated on all of the latest news. Below you can catch all of our choice picks of noteworthy news this week. These are the Miketendo64 News Highlights of the week!   Super Mario Maker (VERSION 1.41): After the release… View Article
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