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Coming Up on Miketendo64: What to Expect in the Coming Months

Recently during our special 1st anniversary Miketendo Direct, Mike Scorpio asked me: “What are my plans for this year?” At the time, no thoughts came to mind and those that did were not fully thought out yet, so they didn’t warrant me speaking out on them, until now. In case you don’t quite know who… View Article
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Zelda U: A Tale of 2 Eras & The Sheikah Connection Nintendo Confirmed

Since we first laid eyes on the latest home console incarnation of Link, the cape and his garb, we suspected there could Sheikah connection. Then came more footage, this time showing Link, who on his person, he possesses a book with the Sheikah symbol on it and today the eye has returned.   Should you… View Article
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Our 1 Year Miketendo64 Anniversary Direct Is Live! 1000 Follower Giveaway Winners announced!

OMG! Has it really been a year already since I first started this website? How the time flies by. Well to celebrate this, Jack & I have put together a Special video together on our YouTube Channel, To thank you all personally for your dedicated following and support. We also outline our plans for the… View Article
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Coming Up on Miketendo64: #ZeldaWeek in Review & More!

It is with some sadness that I must begin this piece with the “closing ceremony” for our very own #ZeldaWeek. Not only was it a great way to celebrate the series’ achievement but it was also a fine way to end the month too. We promised we would fill the site with plenty of Zelda… View Article
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