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Guide: Bringing a Touch of Miitomo to My Nintendo & Super Mario Run

Remember Miitomo? The app that Nintendo put out last March and so many of us got bored with it so quickly and then there was a huge update and it actually got better? Nintendo are now bringing a touch of it to Super Mario Run. Advertisements
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Guide: Unlocking the Unlockable Characters of Super Mario Run

Just because the new Nintendo application for mobile devices (only currently available for iOS devices), is called Super Mario Run, it doesn’t mean Mario is the only playable character.
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Guide: Scanning & Obtaining Magearna in Pokémon Sun & Moon

Trainers, the time has come to claim your very first Mythical Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon and we’re on hand with our Miketendo Guide as to how you can get your very own Lv. 50 Mythical Magearna.
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