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Zelda BotW: Wild Horse Catching and Taming Guide

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is great for a horse lover. Here’s why!

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I was informed that there were stables on the other side of Twin Peaks, and that should be my next goal. I was all for this, because where there are stables, there are horses. And you guys know how much of a horse lover I am by now!

I knew nothing about the mount system in this game, so as I made my way towards the first stables, I wondered how much I’d have to save to buy my first horse. I was slowly gathering rupees, which I’d just begun seeing once I left the plateau. So, imagine my surprise when I got there and was told horses could be mine… for free!

In fact, they started teasing me about it the moment I talked to the first NPCs I saw outside the stable.

Why, yes. Yes, I am!

Oh, absolutely. Link even has a pony tail (get it?).


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Nintendo Switch First Weekend Impressions

Aywren Sojourner: Gaming and Geek Life

So I’ve spent a weekend putting my new Switch to the test and forming an opinion on the system as a whole. I’ll preface this by saying that I’ve read a number of instances of people having issues — from scratching the screen while docking to dead pixels to blue screens of death and skinning messing up the system’s finishing.

These are all really unfortunate situations, but I will report that on my end, I haven’t seen any of these problems. I’ve been super careful while docking my system, and have already purchased a screen protector (which should arrive Wednesday). I’ve played my Switch several hours every day, and thus far, everything has gone just fine.

Switch Hardware

The Switch itself is just a tablet with a dock and the ability to hook up to controllers on either end. While this is exactly what I expected, it’s still a little…

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The Nintendo Switch Feature I’m Most Excited For

Aywren Sojourner: Gaming and Geek Life

The Switch is now a week away from release, and I’ve been sampling information about it from sources around the net. I’ve stumbled upon what I consider to be one of the system’s best features, and with all the cool things you could say about the system, it’s probably not one you’d be thinking about.

It’s the new Capture button. 

The Importance of Screenshots

So, I’m a blogger, as you probably know. 😉 I blog about my gaming experiences. That means that I’m constantly walking a line between being immersed in a game and thinking, “Oh, man, I need to get a screenshot of this for tomorrow’s blog post!”

Screenshots are a pretty big deal to me. Even when I’m not using them as a supplement for blogging, I’ve always taken screenshots of awesome moments in a game just to hold on to the memories.

This is an area where…

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I Want to be a Nintendo Switch Fangirl

Greetings all! I’m new around this site, so I thought this post was a good place to start. It touches a bit on my long history with and love of Nintendo games, and my hopes for next week’s Switch release. I’m sure we’ll all have plenty more excitement to talk about when that time comes!

Aywren Sojourner: Gaming and Geek Life

The Nintendo Switch is releasing next Friday. I want so much to be a Nintendo Switch fangirl.

I grew up as a Nintendo kid, with my first exposure being the original NES. Through the years, I maintained a soft spot for Nintendo, even after investing in systems like Playstation and Playstation 2. When PC gaming came into my life during my college years, the consoles saw less and less of my time, but I always managed to own the relevant Nintendo systems and handhelds… even when I haven’t invest in Playstation in over 15 years, and Xbox pretty much never.

Despite this, I have never purchased a Nintendo system at launch. Putting in a pre-order for the Nintendo Switch is the first time I’ve done such a thing! So far, the preorder seems to be fine — I’ve also never preordered from Best Buy before, and I know there’s always the chance they’ve oversold…

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