We at Miketendo64 are thankful to all of our followers and fellow bloggers and would like to share with you all, some of our affiliates that have been very helpful and supportive along the way. We have listed them below along with a link to their websites and blogs so you can see what they are up to. Each website has their own forté from Amiibo collecting, Game Controller reviews, Nintendo News, Personal blog, etc. so please be sure to look them up.

Open Critic

One of the biggest gaming review sites around. If you are looking for good honest reviews on upcoming videogames or even games that are released already. Open Critic is the place to go. You may even find a couple of our reviews on it too!

Hyurle Herald


A Website dedicated to all things Zelda and Nintendo in general. They cover news, reviews and also have competitions for their followers to get involved in with the chance to win prizes.

Nintendo Figures


A Website dedicated to all things Nintendo and collecting. From World of Nintendo Figures, Micro Land Figures to Amiibo. If there is a particular figure you are looking for or want to see just how they compare against another figure from the same or another series. Nintendo Figures is the place for you. They even provide articles for those that are new to Figure collecting and are looking for a good place to start.

Gaming Controllers


From Nintendo to Xbox, Atari to Playstation, Gaming Controllers takes a look at all the different controllers that we have seen and most likely played with over the years. Some you will remember, some you may want to forget but there are all unique in their own little way. The N64 controller that was as innovative as it was bizarre. The first PSX controller that spawned several different models with the same design on the generations that followed. The Wii U Gamepad which meant you could be playing your favourite game whilst your partner dominated the TV, be it soaps, drama or the footie! Take a trip down memory lane with this website.

Double Jump


What’s better than one female gamer? Two female gamers! (I try not to use the term Gamer Girl as we are all gamers regardless of gender 😉 Double jump is a blog run by a sister duo of gamers that share a love for Nintendo, not unlike my brother and I who run Miketendo64 :p They talk about all things Nintendo related from Personal thoughts on Grinding, debates on what is better, Home Console or Handheld? And there is plenty more where that came from. Be sure to check them out for their take on all things Nintendo.

Wizard Dojo


“A Wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to!” Probably one of the most popular quotes from The Lord Of The Rings. It is also the mantra of Wizard Dojo The Blog site that covers reviews on both Videogames and Television (including cinema). He covers quite a lot of genres spanning different games consoles which would be quite beneficial to those that own games consoles other than Nintendo. He is honest, realistic and not overly critical. A good site to get in the know of something before you take the plunge.

SevenFlorins Casual Reviews


For more casual reviews on all things gaming, check out SevenFlorins. Covering a wide range of genres and games consoles including Nintendo. Here is a good place to get your gaming review fix and they even have their own YouTube channel to boot.



Another one of our supportive followers and also has a great website of his own that covers videogames on all manner of consoles from Xbox to Playstation and those from the Big ‘N’ themselves.

Pokémon Dreamland

If you are a lover of Pokémon and have a Facebook account, then this may be a group you just have to join as they have plenty going on, from giveaways to competitions and general discussions. If you’re looking for fun, than look no further.

The Flaming Zebra


If you are looking for gaming news delivered in video format, then definitely check out The Flaming Zebra on YouTube. He also does reaction videos and first impressions on videogames, anime and more.