About Miketendo 64

  This Blog Site was created in order for me expMiketendo 64ress my love for Nintendo with those that also
do. To share my experiences with 
past and present game titles. To give reviews on the official and unofficial Nintendo merchandise and accessories and games and where to buy them but most importantly, is to keep YOU the reader up to date with the latest news and releases from Nintendo like European/American release dates for Amiibo and games.

 I have been a Nintendo Fan ever since I was 3 years old and had my own NES. I have fond memories of playing Super Mario Bros. & Super Mario Bros. 3 but my All Time Favourite console is (as the name of this site suggests) the Nintendo 64. It had the best games of All time and in my mind is what innovated Gaming. With titles such as the 3D world of Super Mario 64, The Apex of First Person Shooters- Goldeneye, The Holy Grail Of Zelda Games and the reason I became a Zelda Fan- The Legend Of Zelda:  Ocarina Of Time.

The N64 Is Still My Favourite Console To Date.

The N64 Is Still My Favourite Console To Date.

Banjo-Kazooie and Conkers: Bad Fur Day, 1080° Snowboarding were also my long time favourites for the console. I will never forget my father and his friend jumping off their seats and launching their controllers in the air as they played Wave Race 64 (They were Avid Jet Skiers and not use to using a small joystick to navigate and turn around bends). It is probably because of people like my father and his friends that Nintendo invented the Wii and Motion Controls 😉


I am now a proud owner of the Nintendo Wii U, and regardless to what other companies and reviewers think, I love the system, the Game Pad may seem gimmicky but it has been a long time coming. I can remember when I was younger sharing a TV with my brother and sister and sometimes being out-voted if there was an interesting program on (In their opinion) and me having to sit there and sulk whilst wishing “If Only there was a way I could still play as they watched TV,” Well it may be 15 years too late as I have since moved out but the principle still applies. I have to share a TV with my Girlfriend but hold on, the Wii U has it’s own screen and an audio jack for headphones. At Last, I no longer have to sulk in vain, I can continue to play on and irritate the GF with the constant tapping and button mashing (I know it is silly for a grown man to sulk and to enjoy irritating others but, I love playing videogames. If that makes me childish then that’s fine by me :P)

  Well enough about me for now. I hope you will enjoy this Blog Site and will continue to read my other posts and that they may prove useful on your own gaming adventures.

Thank You For Reading!


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  1. Hey nice site. Hey don’t you think that maybe everybody has it wrong. For the whole CPU/GPU or APU. True it could very well change. But often history has taught us something. All 3 last Nintendo consoles has been using a custom IBM CPU with some kinds cutsome ATI/AMD GPU. It’s something to think about. And there are rumors out there of some Nintendo NX using IBM CPU in console. Maybe not the handle table device. But do you think Nintendo would just abanded IBM CPUs?
    Maybe the console will have IBM CPU again. But who knows. Maybe they have switch to all AMD soc or Nvidia. I hope it’s Tegra ?? Something, but who knows. Food for thought.
    Game cube/Wii/wii u have all used IBM CPU with AMD GPU.


  2. Hi, great site!

    My friend and I also run a gaming site to share our passion for gaming. We would love to share your posts on our FB page and Comnunity page. Collaboration by gamers for gamers.

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    • That sounds great! Feel free to share anything you like. If you are up for collabs as well, we can arrange something too. Also you can leave a link to your page so we can check it out and give a like back!


      • I can agree with that. They built the industry as far as I’m concerned. Nintendo is gaming. It’s too bad so many view them as kiddie and irrelevant. The world is truly a fickle place. The Wii went from a household name to anathema in a very short time. Actually I interviewed one of our contributors to ask how he thought Nintendo could get back on top: innovation and great franchises.

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