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Miketendo64 is a Media Site that is about all things Nintendo. We cover Nintendo news, reviews, interviews and more! We even have the odd Giveaway or two as well! Established in May 2015, we’ve gone from two brothers writing a blog to a 30-strong team of talented individuals. We started with humble beginnings but have now grown into something much more formidable. In this day and age, you have to be formidable to keep up with the competition.


Miketendo64 News & Reviews

Cover all the latest news is no easy task but our main goal is to bring good quality content into one, easy to find place. With the Nintendo Switch still releasing a constant stream of games, Our dedicated team of reviewers give it their all to use their gaming expertise and good judgement, so that their reviews will give you good knowledge of what you can expect from any particular game. Be it on the Switch or any other Nintendo Console.


Interviews & Giveaways

Those games that we all love to play are all made be some very talented people. Every now and then, we get to talk to these amazing people and learn more about their games. We have spoken with the likes of Image & Form, Yacht Club Games, Koei Tecmo, Konami and even the Voice of Mario himself! We greatly appreciate them taking time out of their extremely busy schedules to talk with us. They don’t just stop at talking with us! Most of these fine folks even graciously give us games to giveaway to our followers! How incredible is that?


The Miketendo64 Team

Miketendo64 is honoured to be made up of an international team with a multi-national audience. From different backgrounds and all walks of life, we are a dedicated Media site made up of gamers, for gamers. Though we may not all share the same tastes in games but we do share the same passion for all things Nintendo. Well, at least a mutual respect for all things Nintendo. For some reason, we can’t all seem to agree on which Nintendo Franchise is the best? So until Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch comes out, we will just have to agree to disagree.


We do hope you will stick around and come back to the website from time to time. We are always up for collaboration with others and we may even let you join the team! Those game reviews don’t write themselves you know.

Thank You For Reading!


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    • Wow! Thank you for nominating us for the Unique Blogger Award. We are deeply honoured to have been chosen out of the many wonderful blogs that can be found on WordPress. I am touched!

  1. Hey nice site. Hey don’t you think that maybe everybody has it wrong. For the whole CPU/GPU or APU. True it could very well change. But often history has taught us something. All 3 last Nintendo consoles has been using a custom IBM CPU with some kinds cutsome ATI/AMD GPU. It’s something to think about. And there are rumors out there of some Nintendo NX using IBM CPU in console. Maybe not the handle table device. But do you think Nintendo would just abanded IBM CPUs?
    Maybe the console will have IBM CPU again. But who knows. Maybe they have switch to all AMD soc or Nvidia. I hope it’s Tegra ?? Something, but who knows. Food for thought.
    Game cube/Wii/wii u have all used IBM CPU with AMD GPU.

  2. Hi, great site!

    My friend and I also run a gaming site to share our passion for gaming. We would love to share your posts on our FB page and Comnunity page. Collaboration by gamers for gamers.

    • That sounds great! Feel free to share anything you like. If you are up for collabs as well, we can arrange something too. Also you can leave a link to your page so we can check it out and give a like back!

    • Nintendo is king indeed. It is a shame that gamers turn their backs on Nintendo to join the flocks of sheep that follow Playstation and Xbox. Nintendo didn’t fail us, we failed Nintendo.

      • I can agree with that. They built the industry as far as I’m concerned. Nintendo is gaming. It’s too bad so many view them as kiddie and irrelevant. The world is truly a fickle place. The Wii went from a household name to anathema in a very short time. Actually I interviewed one of our contributors to ask how he thought Nintendo could get back on top: innovation and great franchises.

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