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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Won’t Be Compatible With amiibo

If any of you, like myself had been hoping for a Luigi’s Mansion amiibo to release alongside Luigi’s Mansion 3, you are out of luck. Nate Bihldorff of Nintendo Treehouse was recently interviewed by GameXplain and one of the questions they asked was whether amiibo will be supported. Nate reveals that the game does not… View Article
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[Feature] Become a Master of amiibo with @moldyclay’s amiibo Compatibility Chart v.14

When it comes to amiibo, all bets are off. They can be hard to acquire, fun to use and they do look good when put on display, but they can also be useful. From adding new characters to new content, or just unlocking rewards, depending on which game you’re using them with, their effects can… View Article
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[Preview] Using amiibo with Yoshi’s Crafted World

amiibo! We’re back with another Yoshi’s Crafted World preview and this time, we are going to talk about amiibo and how soon into the game you can start using them to unlock special costumes. Essentially, you can use them before you actually start playing. Provided you have the game and boot it up, after the… View Article
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Yoshi’s Crafted World amiibo Outfits Revealed

Yoshi’s Crafted World releases on Nintendo Switch at the end of the month. It has been known for a while that the game will support amiibo. Using amiibo will unlock crafted outfits for Yoshi to wear. Only a few were known of before like Mario and Princess Peach outfits but now, thanks to GameXplain, we… View Article
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Isabelle, Pichu, Pokémon Trainer amiibo release in July

Now that the Young Link, Daisy and Ken amiibo are available to the public thanks to their April 12, 2019 release, Nintendo have come out to announce the release date for the next batch. On top of all the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate news that was shared this week, the Isabelle, Pichu and Pokémon Trainer… View Article
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Custom Etika Amiibo Being Auctioned To Raise Money For Mental Health

Custom amiibo artist Gandakris is widely known for her incredible customization of amiibos. She has presented ex president of Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aime with his own while he was in office. Doug Bowser was also presented his own during E3 and GandaKris also paid tribute to Satoru Iwata, the late president of Nintendo Japan who… View Article
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Pokemon Trainer And Snake amiibo

Pokémon Trainer And Snake Amiibo Rumour Is Proven True

A rumour had begin to circulate that amiibo for Pokémon Trainer and Solid Snake were on the way. The Rumour came to life when an out of focus image made its way onto the internet. The image showed what looks to be a page in a book with a close up on the Pokémon Trainer… View Article
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[Video] Using amiibo with Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn

Update: Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn can use Kirby series amiibo to obtain a Yarn Hat representing the character scanned. In addition to this, Kirby receives a Ravel Ability corresponding to the amiibo character. Scanning Kirby or Waddle Dee yields Knitting Needles, scanning Meta Knight yields Wire, and scanning Dedede yields Button. While we have to… View Article
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Super Smash Bros Ultimate + amiibo Unboxing

[Video] Super Smash Bros Ultimate + amiibo Unboxing

Huzzah! Super Smash Bros Ultimate has finally released and it is time for us all to grace in it’s ultimate glory. I didn’t get the Combo pack with the controller as I already have enough controllers. From Joy-Cons, Pro Controller and even a GameCube controller and adapter. I did however, get the new Smash Bros… View Article
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[Guide] Yoshi’s Crafted World amiibo Costumes Unlock Guide

Yoshi’s Crafted World may not have as many amiibo costumes for Yoshi as Yoshi’s Woolly World did on the Wii U. It stills has a number of costumes that players can unlock providing they have the right amiibo to unlock them. Depending on the series of the figure, you’ll be able to receive a unique cardboard… View Article
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[Guide] Using amiibo with Luigi’s Mansion on Nintendo 3DS

Whether you live in the US, Europe, or Japan, as long as you own a Nintendo 3DS and love Luigi, this October you will have the chance to get the original Luigi’s Mansion on Nintendo 3DS. It might not be as visually impressive as it was on the Nintendo GameCube, but as we wait for… View Article
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[Video] Using the New Octoling amiibo with Splatoon 2

With Splatoon 2 and new amiibo, comes new gear to wear and showcase and here’s what the Octoling amiibo can get you: Source: ShiryuGL (YouTube)
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[Video] amiibo Unboxing – Piranha Plant, Ice Climbers & King K. Rool

With the release of three new Super Smash Bros Ultimate amiibo, Mike couldn’t help but acquire them all and do an amiibo unboxing video. The three new amiibo that released on February 15th, 2019 are Piranha Plant, Ice Climbers and King K. Rool. You can check out our amiibo unboxing video below.
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[Rumour] Unannounced amiibo for Smash Ultimate revealed

Originating on the Amiibo subreddit and later backed up via Nintendo Wire, a new image has leaked seemingly revealing new amiibo for Snake, Pokemon Trainer, Ivysaur, and Squirtle. The above are listed among already confirmed figures like Pichu, Dark Samus, Chrom, & Richter. The folks at Nintendo Wire have done some editing in photoshop, and… View Article
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New amiibo Are On The Way, Release Dates Given! Just Announced At E3 2019.

Nintendo have announced brand new amiibo are on the way! A new Link amiibo for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Four new Smash Bros. Series amiibo. If you are a huge amiibo collector then you will definitely want to know when these new ones are available. We have the full details below: A… View Article
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Super Mario Party amiibo Guide

[Guide] Super Mario Party amiibo Sticker Guide

*This guide is a work in progress and will be updated as we go along. We appreciate any help and tips that you can provide to help complete our Super Mario Party amiibo Sticker Guide. We will also credit you at the bottom of the guide as our way of saying thanks. Welcome to our… View Article
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[Video] Splatoon 2 Octoling amiibo Gear Showcase

Nintendo have released a video showcasing the new gear that inkling and Octolings will be able to unlock Splatoon 2 using the new Octoling amiibo. The Octoling amiibo will be available from November 9th in Europe and Japan and December 7th for North America. The Octoling girl amiibo unlocks the Enchanted gear (Witch’s outfit). The… View Article
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E3 Amiibo News and Reactions — NintendoFigures.com

While I fully admit that the news I’m about to share is now several days old, many people visit this site to catch up on older news so I still want to share it with all of you. If you haven’t heard, Nintendo announced a number of new Amiibo at E3. The new Amiibo include […]… View Article
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Diablo III

[Guide] How To Use amiibo In Diablo III: Eternal Collection (Nintendo Switch)

With Diablo III: Eternal Collection on Switch, one of it’s special features is is amiibo compatibility. You can use amiibo pretty much from the beginning of the game once you acquire the amiibo Portal from the Stash chest. When outside of towns, you can use the amiibo Portal to summon powerful monsters which will drop items like clothing and… View Article
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Diablo III switch guide

[Rumour] New Diablo amiibo could be on the way from a recent datamine

Fans have gotten their hands on the Switch version of Diablo 3 and it looks like a datamine has occurred. A user on the /r/Diablo subreddit has found some interesting files on the Switch version that are pointing towards 2 new potential Diablo Series amiibo. “Based on datamined information from the Switch version of the… View Article
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