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Dead Cells To Receive New Barrel O’ Fun Update On Consoles This Summer

The award winning indie game Dead Cells will be receiving yet another content update to keep the good times going. The new update is titled “Barrels O’ Fun” and brings a new level and enemies. It is already out on Steam but the update will be coming to Nintendo Switch and other consoles later this… View Article
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Dead Cells: Rise Of The Giant

[Video] Dead Cells: Rise Of The Giant DLC Out Now

Motion Twin have released free DLC for their game Dead Cells today. Dead Cells: Rise Of The Giant includes a new level with its own challenging enemies. There are also more secrets and a new skin system to change the way you look. A trailer for the Dead Cells: Rise Of The Giant DLC has… View Article
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Dead Cells

Dead Cells To Recieve DLC In Q1 2019

In a feature article published on Automaton Media, Dead Cells’ developer Motion Twin revealed that the team is hard at work on free DLC for the game and are working on providing a smoother and more constant performance of 60 fps. The DLC should see release some time in the first quarter of 2019. Motion… View Article
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Dead Cells Has Sold 3 Million Copies – Another Big Update Is On The Way For Consoles

Motion Twin and Evil Empire have announced that their game Dead Cells has sold 3 million copies since its launch on Early Access on Steam in 2017. To commemorate the occasion, a new update has been released for PC and will be coming to consoles in a few weeks. You can find information about what… View Article
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Dead Cells Will Be Joining The Gang In Brawlout!

The Indie Smash hit Brawlout! is no longer a Switch exclusive as it will be branching out into other consoles and PC on August 21st. The release on other consoles will also see a new fighter join the fray – Yooka-Laylee! That’s not all though as the protagonist of the upcoming indie game Dead Cells… View Article
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[Review] Dead Cells (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Motion Twin Publisher: Motion Twin Platform: Nintendo Switch Category: Action & Platformer Release Date: August 7, 2018 (EU & NA) Die to fight another day! Having started Early Access over a year ago, Dead Cells has gradually grown, as elements have slowly been enhanced and changed and it has all been leading to one… View Article
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Dead Cells confirmed to have retail release; box art unveiled

Dead Cells will be receiving a retail release for both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation4 with the help of Merge Games and it is expected to arrive sometime in August. The box art has been officially unveiled for the Nintendo Switch: Steve Filby, Producer at Motion Twin (Terminals.io) “We’ve been absolutely floored by the success… View Article
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[Video] Experience A Grand Adventure On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo have recently uploaded a video highlighting some of the latest titles coming to Nintendo Switch. The video showcases games that promise Grand adventures. The featured games include; Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna The Golden Country, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and Dead Cells. You can check out the video below:
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Bounty Battle Given New Release Date – Coming To Nintendo Switch September 10th

Merge Games has provided an update on the release date of their upcoming indie brawler Bounty Battle. After some extra time dedicated to polishing up the game, we will all be able to enjoy playing the game come September 10th, 2020. Key Features A host of game modes including a Tournament, Versus, Challenge Mode, Tutorial… View Article
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Bounty Battle Bringing Indie Heroes Together To Brawl On Nintendo Switch

Move over Brawlout and Brawlhalla, there’s a new brawler in town. During the Indie World Showcase aired earlier today, we got a look at an all-new brawling platformer game. Bounty Battle features 20 popular indie heroes from games like Dead Cells, Owlboy, Axiom Verge, and Guacamelee, who will all be battling it out in 2D Multiplayer… View Article
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Hollow Knight

[Feature] Why You Should Buy Hollow Knight!

The Switch is home to tons of great indie games, from Stardew Valley, Hades, and Dead Cells. The Switch gives you the best lineup of Indie games. All the games I mentioned are fantastic, but one game stands above them all… Hollow Knight! Hollow knight by Team Cherry is my favorite Metroidvania game. If you… View Article
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Bounty Battle

Bounty Battle Has Been Delayed To Make Significant Improvements

Bad news for anyone who is looking forward to Bounty Battle coming to Nintendo Switch and consoles next week, the game has been delayed for the time being as to make some significant improvements. Merge Games have issued a statement regarding the delay for the all-star indie fighter game. Important Update Regarding Ultimate Indie Brawler… View Article
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[Feature] Will A 2D Metroid Game Release on the Switch?

2D Metroid Games Rock 2D Metroid games are some of the best games ever. From Super Metroid to Metroid Zero Mission, 2D Metroid games have given gamers classic memories and gameplay that inspire gamers today. Many modern games have been influenced by 2-D Metroid games. Dead Cells, Hallowknight, and Hades owe a lot to the… View Article
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[Feature] The August 2018 Miketendo64 Review Round-up

At long last, September has arrived and with it, the means to play Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country. But since we’ve still got 13 days before we get to play it digitally, how about we focus on the games we played last month, as the Miketendo64 team actually reviewed more than 50… View Article
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Travis Strikes Again T-Shirts Guide

[Guide] Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes T-Shirt Guide

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Is finally out on Nintendo Switch and with over 50 indie game collaborations in the form of customizable T-shirts. Before you can start wearing any old T-shirt that takes your fancy, you have to go through the tutorial and the first Stage Electric Thunder Tiger II. When you return… View Article
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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Out Now On Switch

Get ready to hack and slash whilst tripping balls, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes has finally been unleashed onto the world. Join Travis as he goes on perhaps his most weirdest adventure yet as he gets sucked into the Deadly Phantom Games console, the Death Drive Mk II. To celebrate the release, a new launch trailer… View Article
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Nindies Holiday Gift Guide

[Guide] Nindies Holiday Gift Guide 2018

2018 was a year full of amazing Independently developed games, and this guide is here to give you recommendations for the best of the best! From Co-Op to Family oriented games to budget titles, this guide will have something for everyone to gift this Holiday season. Even for those new Nintendo Switch owners! Below you… View Article
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[Review] BOUNTY BATTLE (Nintendo Switch) 

 Developer: DarkScreen Games Publisher: Merge Games Platform: Nintendo Switch Version Reviewed: eShop download Category: Action, Fighting, Arcade, Multiplayer No. of Players: up to 4 players Release Date: September 10th, 2020 (EU & NA) Price: $24.99 USD   HISTORY: Bounty Battle first started as a Kickstarter all the way back in 2017; reaching 131% of its… View Article
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[Feature] The Miketendo64 2018 Awards Winners are…

It might be 2019 now, but before Miketendo64 moves on to the new year, it’s time to look back and reveal the games and indie developer that have impressed us and you guys, the most. Without further ado, the Miketendo64 2018 Award winners are…   Category 1: Best Nintendo game of 2018 Runner-up:  WarioWare Gold… View Article
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Surprise! Morphies Law is out Today and its not the Only Piece of news to Come from Today’s Indie Highlights Video

Well, it might not have been a Nindies Showcase that happened today, but we did get a huge amount of Nindie news and whether you wish to watch the official video, skim through the provided info from today’s associated press email, or just consult the image we’re sharing that covers all of the games showcased… View Article
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