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With the likes of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, as part of a new generation, comes plenty of new Pokémon to learn about and the challenge of recognising what is their regular form and which one is their shiny form? With the likes of audio and visual cues from Pokémon Legends: Arceus sorely missing and some of the Paldean shinies being so subtle in their design, whereas others couldn’t be any more different, we’re on hand to point out all differeces we can, to help you guys out with your shiny hunting efforts.

So, whether you’re farming Mass Outbreaks, trying out Austin John Plays’ Isolated Shiny Method, or just doubling down on Sparkling sandwhiches, here are some of the shinies you need to be looking out for:


[Guide] Introducing the Shiny Paldean Pokémon of Scarlet Violet:

*Credit to Switch Nindies for his images of Lechonk, Oinkologne, Tarountula, Iron Bundle and Iron Valiant

Lechonk: #10

With the brand-new lovable Hog Pokémon on the scene, for any player wishing to capture a shiny Lechonk, be sure to look out for a Lechonk with a pink body compared to the mostly black coloured body, as seen on regular Lechonk.

Oinkologne: #11

For those who were fortunate enough to catch a shiny Lechonk and are wondering what the evolved form looks like, or just trying to find one during a Mass Outbreak, you’ll be pleased to know shiny Lechonk keeps its pink body when it has evolved into Oinkologne. Only. the pink colouring is a lighter colouring than that of Lechonk, which you can see pictured above.

Tarountula: #12

White is alright but for a Tarountula that really pops, capturing the shiny version is an absolute must thanks to its blue body and red string ball. 

Lokix: #15

Why settle for the common black when you can hunt for the green meanie instead? As a Bug/Dark type Pokémon, the shiny version of Lokix, in all its green and black shiny colouring, is pure perfection that is all too easy to spot in the overworld and I for one, am delighted by this fact.

Pawmi: #22

Coming in at #22 in the Paldea Pokédex, thankfully, the shiny form of the Mouse Pokémon, Pawmi, is one of the easiest to spot. Instead of the noticeable orange colour the regular Pawmi sport, the shiny Pawmi boasts a striking red that is easily visible in the overworld, and stands out when spotted alongside other Pawmi.

Dachsbun: #77

When it comes to the shiny form of Dachsbun, this is one shiny that is a lot harder to spot, especially when it’s not like you will see in a pact of other Dachsbun. Thankfully, for the shiny version of Dachsbun, instead of having the orange and yellow colouring the regular Dachsbun possesses, the shiny version boasts a palette of varying brown colours, which you can see pictured above. It also has white claws instead of yellow.

Charcadet: #165

If you’re looking for a shiny that will drive you insane in your efforts to hunt it, look no further than Charcadet. Both the regular and shiny forms, are a near perfect match to each other, the only thing separating them? Compared to regular Charcadet’s fiery red eyes, the shiny version has fiery blue eyes instead.

Tadbulb: #170

For anyone looking to add a shiny Tadbulb to your collection, it’s time to get out the magnifying glass. Being the small Pokémon that it is, the only difference between the shiny version and the regular is the fact the shiny version has a red coloured tip as opposed to orange and you’re going to need to be right up close to properly notice the difference.

Bellibolt: #171

Revealed as Iona’s partner Pokémon, Bellibolt is one of the few Paldean Pokémon that I immediately liked the look of when it was revealed, and the shiny is even better as it keeps the yellow colouring it had as a Tadbulb, but still keeps the red colouring first seen on shiny Tadbulb.

Kilowattrel: #178

Every new Pokémon game needs a new two-stage flying-type Pokémon and in Scarlet and Violet, Kilowattrel is that second stage. While the original version sports an all-black and yellow colouring, the shiny version mixes things up by having grey on its lower part of its body and brown everywhere else it was once black. It looks like a bit of an odd combination, but for the Kilowattrel fans out there, this shiny is a must.

Dudunsparce: #189

After years of hoping Johto’s Dunsparce would go on to get its very own evolution, your prayers have been answered, to some degree. It may not be the evolution fans had hoped for, but it’s the one we’ve got and just like Dunsparce, Dudunsparce also replaces the default blue markings for a more appealing pink. However, as Dudunsparce do not like to frequent the typical wild areas of Paldea, instead prefering the likes of Area Zero, shiny hunters are better off capturing a shiny Dunsparce and focus on evolving it, as it would be a much easier hunt.

Of course, for the true elite of shiny hunters, you could always make the noble pursuit to catch as many shiny Dunsparce as you can in the hopes of evolving one into the rare Three-Segment Dudunspace, as opposed to the far more common Two-Segment Form Dudunsparce.

Maschiff: #196

If you have played through Arven’s story, Maschiff and its evolved form, Mabosstiff, can quickly become a must have Pokémon on your team and if you want the shiny version, you need to look out for one with a dark blue body instead of brown, a red nose and black hair. The combination works really well and makes the lovable Maschiff all the more lovable.

Shroodle: #202

Why settle for the regular green-eyed Shroodle when you can set out on the epic quest to hunt down a Shroodle with purple eyes? They can be hard to spot if you’re not paying attention and like with Tadbulb, it doesn’t help Shroodles are small and like hiding in bushes.

Tauros: #223

Instead of giving us just one Paldean form of Tauros, Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet gives us three. There’s the basic Fighting type version, (Combat Breed), which is available in both games, the Fighting/Fire type that’s exclusive to Scarlet and the Fighting/Water type that’s exclusive to Violet.
Except, for added difficulty, Tauros is now black with the basic version lacking the partial red and blue colourings the other versions possess and for the shiny version, you literally have to look out for a Tauros that has an even darker black colouring all over its body. You might just drive yourself insane looking for one, but it is doable and easier when done as part of a Mass Outbreak.
Thankfully, regardless of which shiny Tauros you seek, while the forms may differ, they all share the same dark black colouring.

Flittle: #263

Introduced as the Frill Pokémon, Flittle is perhaps one of the most annoying shiny Pokémon to try and hunt for. It’s small in size and the only real difference between it and its regular form, is the shiny version has a green coloured frill instead of a pink coloured frill on the regular version and you do need to be right up close to properly notice the difference.

Espathra: #264

Who would have expected the little Flittle would evolve into the awesome Ostrich Pokémon that is Espathra? Frills are still part of the Pokémon’s design but now Espathra is a lot larger in size and all the easier to spot when running in the wild. Talking of easy, whilst the regular version has an orange colouring on its wings and neck, the shiny version replaces orange for a noticeable black that really helps to complement the entire design.

Bombirdier: #290

Out of every shiny Pokémon I have pursued, Bombirdier is the one that has given me the most issues in discovering and it’s not becasue the shiny is hard to spot. It’s actually quite easy since the shiny version replaces its pink bill and legs with a grey bill and legs, complete with a sinister red around its eyes. Still, after seven hours of hunting, it’s finally mine and it looks great!

Finizen: #291

Why settle for a blue dolphin when you can pursue a purple dolphin thanks to Finizen, the Dolphin Pokémon. This day has been a long time coming but we finally have a dolphin Pokémon, which also happens to look awesome, be awesome to use and is just a true pleasure to have on one’s team.

Its evolution method might be a little tiresome as it requires playing online with a friend, but Finizen is still awesome nonetheless and the purple colouring of the shiny version is utterly fantastic.

Palafin: #292

How do you take a shiny like Finizen and make it even better? Well, if you’re Game Freak, you create an evolution that is almost exactly the same as Finizen, the only difference being the evolved form has a love heart, but then you also give it a Hero Form that looks utterly amazing. The only downside? Palafin can not actually be caught in-game. So, for anyone looking to snag one, you will need to catch a shiny Finizen, train it to level 38 and then level it up once whilst playing online with another player.

Varoom: #293

Good things come in small packages and that is something that can easily be associated with the shiny version of Varoom, the Single-Cyl Pokémon. With the default version available in your typical grey colouring, best befitting an engine, the shiny version sports a dazzling gold that is too good to pass up on.

Revavroom: #294

For the trainer who wants a shiny Pokémon that really does shine, then you owe it to yourslef to hunt down the golden coloured Revavroom. When dealing with a Revavroom Mass Outbreak, thankfully this is one large shiny Pokémon that is all too happy to stand out from the crowd.

Glimmet: #308

Despite it’s goofy design, Glimmet is actually a very useful Pokémon, with an even more useful evolved form and it’s shiny? It’s gorgous. With a turquoise coloured head and a blue coloured bulb, this one shiny that knows how to shine and stand out when discovered in Paldea’s many caves and caverns.

Houndstone: #312

Not exactly one of the most appealing shiny Pokémon, shiny Houndstone differs thanks to featuring fur that is more akin to a gold colouring that stands out when compared to the regular white coloured fur, as seen on the regular Houndstone.

Flamigo: #346

Arguably one of the most basic designs going in a Pokémon game, Flamigo is a is a Pokémon that straight up looks like a flamingo. How the shoiny differs to the normal version, however, is down to its pink colouring. Whereas the normal Flamigo’s sport the typical darker coloured pink heavily associated with flamingos, the shiny Flamigo has a lighter pink colouring instead and when stood amongst over Flamigo’s, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Kingambit: #369

Not only is Kingambit one of the best looking Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet, it’s one of the best new evolutions and the shiny version continues to sport the same blue colouring utilised by shiny Pawniard and Bisharp. To cast your gaze upon Kingambit is to gaze upon perfection, but like with Palafin, players are not able to catch a shiny Kingambit in the wild. In order to add this one to your team, will require catching a shiny Pawniard or Bisharp first and then meeting all evolution requirements.

Dondozo: #374

Thankfully, not every shiny Paldean Pokémon is hard to spot. One of the easiest to spot is none other than Dondozo. As well as being large in size, the shiny variant does away with all blue colours and swaps them for a mostly all white body. I say “mostly”, as there is a very distinguishable spot of yellow colouring, on top of Dondozo’s body and yellow inside its mouth as well.

Tatsugiri: #375

No shiny Dodonzo is complete without a shiny Tatsugiri to accompany it and with three different forms available, trying to shiny hunt all of them will take some time. From the orange and brown coloured Curly Form, to the orange Stretchy Form and the white coloured Droopy Form, not all shiny Tatsugiri stand out as much as they could have, but at least when you catch one, it adds all shiny forms to your Pokédex.

Iron Bundle: #383

Who needs a red and silver coloured Iron Bundle when you can catch an all-silver Iron Bundle instead? Even its beak is silver as this shiny Paradox Pokémon takes the “less is more” approach to its shiny colour. Of course, being a Paradox Pokémon though, Iron Bundle can only be found in Area Zero and is exclusive to Pokémon Violet.

Iron Valiant: #398

For those fortunate enough to catch a shiny Paradox Pokémon, there can be no denying Iron Valiant is one of the most visually striking. The green and white colouring are entirely replaced with a stunning silver that makes the cybernetic shiny really pop. Capturing a shiny of this magnitude deserves a round of applause. Being a Paradox Pokémon though, Iron Valiant can only be found in Area Zero and is exclusive to Pokémon Violet.

As always, we hope you found this guide helpful.

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