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Earlier in the week, a large number of DSiWare games were mysteriously delisted from the North American Nintendo 3DS eShop. It was rather strange because Nintendo America never issued a statement to say that they would be removing titles from the eShop. It appears that the removal of DSiWare games was not intentional.

In a matter of days, most of the games have now been relisted on the 3DS eShop and are available to purchase again. The likes of Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, Dr. Mario Express, and Plants vs. Zombies have returned and the rest of the titles are most likely to return as well. Why this happened in the first place could be due to any number of things including issues with the servers in which the games files are stored on.

Regardless of the reason for the DSiWare games to be delisted to begin with, at least 3DS owners have another opportunity to pick these games up before Nintendo ultimately shuts down the 3DS eShop in the future, however near or far it is.

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