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Brought to Kickstarter and released earlier this year, PlatinumGames has now shared the most intriguing piece of news yet.

Whilst the long wait for Bayonetta continues, as part of a version 1.0.3 update, a new feature called “Wonderful Code” has been added, allowing players to input various codes for in-game bonus, which now includes special codes based on characters from the Bayonetta series and the codes are as follows:

UMBRANGIFT – Unlocks Wonder-Bayonetta

ANGELSLAYERS – Unlocks Wonder-Jeanna and Wonder-Rodin

Better yet, just because these characters can be redeemed in the full game, it’s not your only means to go hands-on with them as Bayonetta can all accessed in The Wonderful 101: Remastered demo that’s available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

A video related to the wonder-size demo that is roughly around two hours in duration, with save data carrying over to the full game, can be seen here, which includes a first look at Wonder-Bayonetta.

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