The Cram-O-Matic is a new feature that was included in the Isle of Armor DLC for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. This device allows you to exchange four items for a whole new item that you may find much more useful. It can be bewildering that there isn’t an actual list of recipes in the game that can help you make the item you want in return.

Fortunately, thanks to the YouTuber BLAINES and the wonderful Pokémon Community, a Cram-O-Matic Recipes table of sorts has been put together to include every craftable item. This Recipes table has alternate recipes for several items and may be helpful for those who have more items of a different sort. We have provided a shortlist of sorts below with a single recipe for each item. For the larger list, please be sure to check out the Cram-O-Matic Spreadsheet here.

The people who put the spreadsheet together are the ones who deserve the true credit for this information. I am purely sharing it so it can receive more coverage so that other people can find it and use it as well.

Output1st Input2nd Input3rd Input4th Input
Ability CapsuleRare CandyRare CandyRare CandyRare Candy
Absorb BulbAbsorb BulbRare CandyLax MintProtector
Adrenaline OrbDusk StoneDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Air BalloonMagoPower WeightEject PackEject Button
Amulet CoinBabiriComet ShardComet ShardComet Shard
Assault VestBabiri BerryWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
Balm MushroomBig MushroomBig MushroomBig MushroomBig Mushroom
Big MushroomAguavBig PearlBig PearlBig Pearl
Big NuggetNuggetNuggetNuggetNugget
Big PearlPearlPearlPearlPearl
Black sludgeKebia BerryOran BerryOran BerryOran Berry
Blunder PolicyAir BalloonFloat StoneSticky BarbQuick Powder
Bottle CapBig NuggetBig NuggetBig NuggetComet Shard
Bright PowderShed ShellShed ShellShed ShellShed Shell
Cell BatteryElectric SeedElectric SeedExp. Candy LExp. Candy L
Cleanse TagMago BerryBalm MushroomBalm MushroomStar Piece
Comet ShardCracked PotCracked PotCracked PotCracked Pot
Cracked PotSpell TagDestiny KnotWishing PieceLax Mint
Destiny KnotMoon StoneWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
Dragon FangAguavPearlPearlPearl
Dragon ScaleDragon FangDragon FangDragon FangDragon Fang
Dubious DiscLight BallWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
Electric SeedPechaPechaPechaPecha
EverstoneHard StoneHard StoneHard StoneHard Stone
EvioliteFloat StoneCharcoalBalm MushroomPP Up
Expert BeltMacho BraceBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
Flame OrbCheriCheriRare BoneRare Bone
Float StoneRock IncenseRock IncenseRock IncenseRock Incense
Gold Bottle CapBottle CapBottle CapBottle CapBottle Cap
Grassy SeedGalarica TwigGalarica TwigGalarica TwigGalarica Twig
Grip ClawUtility UmbrellaUtility UmbrellaUtility UmbrellaUtility Umbrella
Hard StoneFloat StoneFloat StoneFloat StoneFloat Stone
Icy RockGanlon BerryDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
King's RockDragon FangBlack GlassesPP Up/PP MaxExpert Belt
Life OrbDragon ScaleBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
Light BallFossil BirdFossil BirdComet shardComet shard
Light ClayBig NuggetDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Love SweetWhipped DreamBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
Macho BraceCarbosPP MaxIce StoneWishing Piece
MagnetCell BatteryCell BatteryCell BatteryCell Battery
Metal CoatAssault VestExpert BeltTanga BerrySoothe Bell
Metal PowderEject ButtonDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Misty SeedKee BerryKee BerryKee BerryKee Berry
Muscle BandCalciumNuggetWater StoneGrepa Berry
Mystic WaterChesto BerryBig NuggetBig NuggetBlack Sludge
Never Melt IceFossil DinoFossil DinoFossil DinoFossil Dino
Odd IncenseDusk StoneFigy BerryFigy BerryFigy Berry
Oval StoneCharti BerryDusk StoneRing TargetWave Incense
Pearl StringBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
Poison BarbToxic OrbWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
PP UpAbility CapsuleAbility CapsuleAbility CapsuleAbility Capsule
Pretty FeatherCoba BerryFigy BerryFigy BerryFigy Berry
Prism ScaleBig PearlBig PearlBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
ProtectorLagging TailLight ClayLight ClayLight Clay
Quick PowderWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing PieceBlue Apricorn
Random SweetAny SweetAny SweetAny SweetAny Sweet
Rare CandyBig NuggetComet ShardComet ShardComet Shard
Razor ClawIcy RockPomeg BerryPP MaxGalarica Cuff
Red CardFire StoneWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
Ribbon SweetPink ApricornRare CandyRare CandyRare Candy
Ring TargetDusk StoneSachetLuck IncenseWater Stone
Rocky HelmetEverstoneEverstoneEverstoneEverstone
Room ServiceBerry SweetMetal CoatRoseli BerrySilver Powder
SachetMoon StoneSweet AppleBlack SludgeSticky Barb
Scope LensBlack ApricornWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
Sea IncenseBlue ApricornRed ApricornRed ApricornDynamax Candy
Sharp beakCoba BerryDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Shell BellMystic WaterMystic WaterMystic WaterMystic Water
Silver PowderBug MemoryPecha BerryDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Smoke BallOran BerryMaranga BerrySweet AppleBlunder Policy
Spell TagDusk StoneWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
Star PieceDubious discIce stoneWise glassesSafety goggles
Star SweetFlower SweetStar SweetRibbon SweetClover Sweet
StardustMoon StoneOran BerryOran BerryOran Berry
Strawberry SweetPink apricornRare CandyRare CandyRare Candy
Terrain ExtenderNuggetRibbon SweetSnowballUpgrade
Toxic OrbBlack SludgeBlack SludgeOran BerryOran Berry
TR 07 Low KickChople BerryFigy BerryFigy BerryFigy Berry
TR00 Swords DanceAbility CapsuleWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
TR01 Body SlamLucky EggLucky EggLucky EggLucky Egg
TR02 FlamethrowerFlame OrbFlame OrbFlame OrbFlame Orb
TR03 Hydro PumpChesto BerryPP MaxPP MaxPP Max
TR04 SurfBlue ApricornBlue ApricornArmornite OreYellow Apricorn
TR05 Ice BeamComet ShardComet ShardComet ShardComet Shard
TR06 BlizzardComet ShardComet ShardNuggetBig Nugget
TR07 Low KickIronIronIronIron
TR08 ThunderboltYellow ApricornRare CandyRare CandyRare Candy
TR09 ThunderPecha BerryRare CandyRare CandyRare Candy
TR11 PsychicLight ClayBig NuggetBig NuggetBig Nugget
TR12 AgilityExp Candy SExp Candy SExp Candy SDynamax Candy
TR13 Focus EnergyNormal GemWishing PieceExp Candy SNormal Gem
TR14 MetronomeChilan BerryDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
TR14 MetronomeSafety GogglesThunder StoneMisty SeedChesto Berry
TR15 Fire BlastFlame OrbWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
TR16 WaterfallPearlPearlBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
TR17 AmnesiaLight ClayBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
TR19 Tri AttackWhite ApricornWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
TR20 SubstituteQuick PowderQuick PowderQuick PowderQuick Powder
TR23 SpikesApricot BerryDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
TR23 SpikesHondewHondewHondewHondew
TR24 OutrageEvioliteEvioliteEvioliteEviolite
TR25 PsyshockDestiny KnotNuggetNuggetNugget
TR26 EndureNormal GemNormal GemNormal GemNormal Gem
TR27 Sleep TalkChoice ScarfPayaya BerryNormal GemWishing Piece
TR29 Baton PassNormal GemWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
TR30 EncoreQuick ClawQuick ClawQuick ClawQuick Claw
TR31 Iron TailBabiri BerryBabiri BerryBabiri BerryBabiri Berry
TR32 CrunchBlack ApricornRare CandyRare CandyRare Candy
TR33 Shadow BallDusk StoneRare CandyRare CandyRare Candy
TR34 Future SightDawn StoneEvoluton StoneEvolution StoneEvolution Stone
TR34 Skill SwapExp. Candy MExp. Candy MExp. Candy MExp. Candy M
TR35 UproarChilan BerrySpell TagPower LensPower Bracer
TR36 Heat waveFlame OrbSoothe BellBlunder PolicyMetronome
TR36 Heat waveRed ApricornRed ApricornBig NuggetBig Nugget
TR37 TauntBlack ApricornDusk StoneDusk StoneDusk Stone
TR38 TrickLight ClayWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
TR39 SuperpowerArmorite OreWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
TR40 Skill SwapDestiny KnotOran BerryOran BerryOran Berry
TR41 Blaze KickCheri BerryPeyata BerrySilver PowderAdrenline Orb
TR44 Cosmic PowerDestiny KnotFossilized DrakeFossilized DrakeFossilized Drake
TR45 Muddy WaterPrism ScalePrism ScalePrism ScalePrism Scale
TR46 Iron DefenseBabiri BerryDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
TR47 Dragon ClawAgauvIapapaIapapaIapapa
TR48 Bulk UpPower BandRare BoneRare BoneRare Bone
TR49 Calm MindDestiny KnotDestiny KnotDestiny KnotDestiny Knot
TR50 Leaf BladeLeftoversBig MushroomBig MushroomBig Mushroom
TR51 Dragon DanceDragon FangBig NuggetWishing PieceWishing Piece
TR52 Gyro BallMetal CoatSoft SandLight ClayIron Ball
TR53 Close CombatExpert BeltExpert BeltExpert BeltExpert Belt
TR54 Toxic SpikesBlack SludgeRocky HelmetNormal GemAdrenaline Orb
TR55 Flare BlitzRed ApricornRare CandyRare CandyRare Candy
TR56 Aura SphereFocus BandDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
TR57 Poison JabOran BerryOran BerryPP UpPP Up
TR59 Seed bombGreen ApricornGreen ApricornGreen ApricornWishing Piece
TR60 X-ScissorHoneyHoneyHoneyHoney
TR61 Bug BuzzShed ShellBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
TR62 Dragon PulseDragon ScaleRazor ClawRazor ClawRazor Claw
TR63 Power GemEverstoneLife OrbBig NuggetPretty Feather
TR64 Focus BlastExpert BeltBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
TR65 Energy BallLeftoversLeftoversLeftoversLeftovers
TR66 Brave BirdCoba BerryRare CandyRare CandyRare Candy
TR67 Earth PowerHeavy-Duty BootsUpgradeMax RepelMetal Coat
TR68 Nasty PlotIapapa BerryIapapa BerryRare BoneRare Bone
TR69 Zen HeadbuttDestiny KnotDragon ScaleDragon ScaleDragon Scale
TR70 Flash CannonMetal CoatRazor ClawTart AppleEviolite
TR71 Leaf StormLeftoversComet ShardComet ShardComet Shard
TR72 Power WhipBalm MushroomBalm MushroomPearl StringPearl String
TR73 Gunk ShotGold Bottle CapWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
TR74 Iron HeadBottle CapWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
TR74 Iron HeadEject ButtonPP UpPP UpPP Up
TR77 Grass KnotBalm MushroomBalm MushroomDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
TR78 LiquidationPearlStardustPearl StringStar Piece
TR78 Sludge WavePoison BarbWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
TR79 Heavy SlamIron BallWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
TR80 Electro BallThunder StoneEvoluton StoneEvolution StoneEvolution Stone
TR82 Stored PowerDestiny KnotDawn StoneDawn StoneDawn Stone
TR83 Ally SwitchDestiny KnotWhite HerbWhite HerbWhite Herb
TR84 ScaldChesto BerryPP UpPP UpPP Up
TR85 Work UpChilanChilanChilanChilan
TR86 Nasty PlotWide LensWater StoneWater StoneWater Stone
TR86 Wild ChargePecha BerryMagnetMagnetMagnet
TR87 Drill RunBig NuggetEXP Candy LEXP Candy LEXP Candy L
TR870 Flash CannonKing's RockWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
TR88 Heat CrashCheriStatus BerryStatus BerryStatus Berry
TR90 Play RoughMisty SeedPP UpPP UpPP Up
TR91 Venom DrenchBlack SludgeBlack SludgeBlack SludgeBlack Sludge
TR92 Dazzling GleamBerry SweetBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
TR93 Darkest LariatDubious DiscDubious DiscDubious DiscDubious Disc
TR97 Psychic FangsRare CandyWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
TR99 Body PressFocus BandBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
Utility UmbrellaBabiri BerrySmoke BallPower AnkletAguav Berry
Weakness PolicyAir BalloonSpell TagMacho BracePrism Scale
Whipped DreamRoseliBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
White HerbAbsorb BulbAbsorb BulbAbsorb BulbAbsorb Bulb
Wide LensBlack GlassesChilan BerryExp Candy SPure Incense
Wishing PieceApicot berryApicot berryApicot berryApicot berry

Source: Cram-O-Matic Spreadsheet

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