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For those of you who have bought Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore on Nintendo Switch, you may know that you can earn and purchase outfits for your characters. Outfits don’t have any armour or ability buffs or debuffs so you can dress your characters in whatever you feel like. One new outfit that has been added to the game is the Rebellious Joker. It is designed after the Character Joker in Persona 5. It can’t be purchased in game but found in one of the Idolospheres (dungeons). Not to worry, finding it is relatively simple and we will tell you how to get the Joker Outfit In Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore.

First off, it is not available at the beginning of the game. You have to beat Chapter 2 first before you can reach the second intermission. During this time, Tiki will send you a Topic (Instant Message) to tell you to meet her in the Bloom Palace (Fortuna Office). Once you do, you will be granted access to the EX story mission. This mission gives you access to the Area of Aspiration Idolosphere. Inside, you will find a maze throughout a courtyard with the paths leading to several boxes to open. In one of these boxes, you will find the Rebellious Joker Outfit. The other boxes also include outfits for the other characters like Tsubasa, Touma and Kiria.


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