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Zeus Quest Remastered switch review

Developer: Crazysoft Limited

Publisher: Crazysoft Limited

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Adventure, Puzzle & Strategy

Release Date: November 22, 2018 (EU & NA)



“Silly” will only get you so far.


Ah, history, what a beautiful subject you are to learn. Not everyone appreciates you, but learning about the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Vikings and Ancient Greeks is among my highlights when I look back on my school years. Why’s this relevant though? Well, that interest in history, led me to develop a love for the mythological, especially Greek mythology and it is that interest that made me check out Zeus Quest Remastered.

After appearing on a range of platforms, which includes Android devices, Steam in 2016 and New Nintendo 3DS earlier this year, Zeus Quest Remastered is a point-and-click game by Crazysoft Limited that fuses Greek mythology and sci-fi.

It’s certainly a mixed bag and not a very serious one at that. In fact, the game is intentionally silly and features the kind of light-hearted humour you would expect from an adventure game in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. (It even features a vector visual style benefiting those eras as well.) But, aside from Greek mythology, it’s time to talk about the story and setting!

Being a game with “Zeus Quest” in the title, as you would expect, Zeus Quest Remastered, is all about the Greek God Zeus, who has descended from Olympus, in a spaceship and crash-landed in the waters off of Santorini Island. The safety of the planet is threatened and it’s down to Zeus to fix a machine and save the world.

Only Zeus’ journey won’t just limit him to Santorini Island, as his quest will ultimately have him heading to Greek Islands such as Milos, Mykonos and even Delos and yet, despite all of this travelling you can expect to do, depending on how you play, the game should take less than 90 minutes to beat. (2 hours at the longest.)

Aside from being able to watch Zeus fall down stairs, make threats and steal clothing from a woman when in a dark nightclub, being a point-and-click game, for the most part, Zeus Quest Remastered consists of traversing a series of locations and interacting with objects and people, whilst doing the occasional bit of puzzle solving.

For the most part, when playing in handheld mode and using the touch-screen controls, Zeus Quest Remastered handles okay. It can be a bit slow at times, but that’s just the game itself. It is however, faster than playing with the likes of a Pro Controller and using the left analog stick for moving a cursor and pressing the required action prompts, such as the A button.

Now, although some of the things you will be required to do, can be mundane or downright mean (like throwing a discus at a parrot,) Zeus Quest Remastered is imaginative in a whacky way, but it does have some performance issues. There would be various instances where I would need to perform a certain action like picking up dirty stones for crushing grapes, only to have the game refuse me.

Even when I used a tip (available on the screen at all times, but does take time to recharge before you can use another one,) and click where it tells me to, I still couldn’t interact with it. Something that I did find to work though when this happened, was to manually save and quit before choosing to continue. Every time I got stuck and couldn’t interact with a certain something, this would help to make it so.

Still, just because that method did save the day for me multiple times, it doesn’t justify the fact I had to use it in the first place. It’s one thing to have it happen and deal with it then and there, but again and again, is pushing it.

Yet, upon doing a second playthrough, in the places I had issues the first time around, they behaved exactly as they should have done, only to have some other spots that didn’t bother me before, suddenly cause problems the second time around.

In the end, it is because of the issues faced, coupled with a silly sense of humour that never made me laugh once that I must admit that Zeus Quest Remastered was not a quest I needed to go. The interest was there at the beginning, but it soon waned and I just have no plans for a third playthrough any time soon.



Zeus Quest Remastered tries a little too hard to be a game that you could have played in the golden days of gaming that it feels like it forgot to save space for the present.

There is nothing wrong with nostalgia, but you can rely on it too much and ultimately, when the Switch has the likes of point-and-click games like My Brother Rabbit, unfortunately it does make lesser games have more to live up to and sadly, although Zeus Quest Remastered runs a decent race, it still falls short before the finish line and fails to impress.





*Review Key Provided by Crazysoft Limited



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