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During his appearance at CEDEC 2018, Shigeru Miyamoto had a number of things to talk about and among them, was Super Mario Run and a couple of his regrets.

Whilst not Nintendo’s most successful mobile app, as that title is claimed by Fire Emblem Heroes, it was able to remain relevant for quite some time and below, and Miyamoto had plenty to say about it.

Firstly, although the Mario experience was condensed to running and jumping as a means of simplifying Mario for mobile gamers, implementing those two aspects in Super Mario Run, was not an easy thing to do, especially when it comes to balancing the difficulty.

It was intended that the game would slowly up the ante in “both challenge and satisfaction,” only Miyamoto actually requested Super Mario Run to be made harder. Naturally, this would bite him in the behind, as even though gameplay was simple in nature and could be played one-handed, one of the biggest complaints Super Mario Run has, is the fact it can be “too difficult.”

But, it is thanks to this complaint that the Remix 10 mode was added, as this shorter and more fun way to play, helped bring back players and Miyamoto actually regrets that he and the dev team did not make Super Mario Run more like Remix 10 from the start.

Miyamoto also took the time to talk about the game’s one-off payment and Nintendo’s reasoning for it. The reason such a method was used, was because it was the “Nintendo-like” way of doing it and it was more akin to buying a retail game. Also, to Miyamoto, Mario is all about “casually playing through a level once, then failing, and then focusing and beating the level on the second try,” which is not something Nintendo would be able to capture if they went with micro transactions.

Super Mario Run

Now, although that concludes what he had to say about Super Mario Run, Miyamoto did go on to say how he thought Pokémon GO’s gameplay was too simple for a mobile game, but then that is the opinion of one who makes retail games for consoles. However, Miyamoto now sees the value the simple gameplay has to offer and rates Pokémon GO “quite highly.”

Another game that has left quite the impression on him, is Minecraft. Miyamoto was taken aback in a positive way, upon viewing a convenience store that someone had made, in a YouTube video. Not to mention that the map sharing feature that Minecraft uses, left such a deep impression on Miyamoto as well. The developer also seemed to show some regret that the game didn’t come from Japan.


For more out of Miyamoto, be sure to click here, as Siliconera have a couple more details for you to read through.



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