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Yet another game is being brought to the Nintendo Switch and PS4 in 2019. The Princess Guide has you choose between four princesses, each with their own story. You must take up arms and fight against hordes of enemies to beocme a heroic Knight.

You can find out more below, along with an announcement Trailer

What does it take for a princess to save her kingdom? Why, she must take up arms, of course! Commence the Princess Knight training regimen! In The Princess Guide, you will become a knight that takes a princess under your wing. Using your strategic knowledge and expertise on the battlefield, you will train your princess to become a stellar and heroic knight, capable of mowing down hoardes of enemies in the warzone!

Check out the Announcement Trailer here. With four unique princesses, each with a story to tell, what kind of adventures and challenges will await you and your Princess Knight? 


Source: NIS America PR

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