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On May 5, 2018, Miketendo64 will celebrate its 3rd anniversary and having been a part of it for since the site began back in 2015, it has been an unforgettable ride. I have seen it start out as a simple blog, to eventually become a Nintendo media site that conducts plenty of interviews and more than 370 Nintendo Switch reviews. I’ve also been present to see new team members join and old members leave, but in all that time that has passed, as much as everything has changed, one thing remains the same, we are still gamers.


As a site that likes to say “Miketendo64 is a site by gamers, for gamers,” gaming is a must. After all, if there was no time to play because we spend every hour of every day writing needless articles that are only 2 paragraphs long at must, like some of our competitors do, then what’s the point? I’m not saying it’s wrong to do that, as it is a quick way to get news, but if all you do is write about games and not play them, then what is the point of all this? Where’s the passion?


So, at Miketendo64, we’re keeping that passion alive by writing and playing and because of that, we’re going to give you the Year 4 you deserve. The professionalism will remain intact, but so will the prioritising of reader interaction, building better relationships with those we’re in touch with already and giveaways. Yes, the giveaways will continue and we’ve got one running right now. Want to be in with the chance of winning an EU code of Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings for Nintendo Switch? All you need to do is be following us on Twitter, like our giveaway tweet and retweet it. Should you need a link for it, you can see the tweet for yourself below and click on it to open it in Twitter.

We’ll also be conducting plenty of other giveaways and a plenty more Theme Weeks. We haven’t yet settled on when the next one will be or what it will revolve around, but more are coming. But because this whole write-up started with talk of change, there is change afoot for Year 4 of Miketendo64 and you can see it for yourself today. Our website has had a huge overhaul in terms of visuals and layout, our logo has had a slight tweak and even our Miketendo64 imagery on Twitter has evolved. So change is here, and it’s precisely what we needed. Web designer Ron Pelt has done us a huge solid and now, we get to build on top of the work that he and our entire team, have contributed. It’s 3 years on and we’re still just getting started. Thank you for joining us on our journey and we hope you’ll still be with us next year!


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