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It may have been a few months since the last instalment (end of January) but the Feh Channel has returned for another broadcast, and having just ending a couple hours prior, it is time to sieve through the information and provide you with another Miketendo64 Digest!

In typical fashion, we are going to begin this Digest in the same way we begin all of our digests, with a video to the full presentation, so as to cater to our readers who prefer to watch and then read, but don’t worry, after the video, there will be plenty for you to read in the form of highlights, so let’s do this!



  • Feh Channel once again opened up with Feh, the Messenger Owl for the Order of Heroes and host of the Feh Channel.
  • Today’s broadcast takes place in Nifl, but because of Feh’s feathers, the cold doesn’t affect her, but that doesn’t stop her from sitting in front of a fire.
  • Reveals 4 main topics to discuss.


World of Thracia: (Fire Emblem: Thracia 766)

  • New Summoning Event “World of Thracia is revealed. Will come with new Book II Story Chapter: Snow and Ash.
  • The newly available Heroes are:
  • Leif: Prince of Leonster
  • Nanna: Nordion Princess
  • Reinhardt: Thunder’s Sword
  • Olwen: Righteous Knight
  • Leif will wield his own special weapon named the Light Brand. Its effect will cause +7 damage if the enemy’s defence stat exceeds their own resistance stat by at least 5.
  • Nanna has the new recovery skill Restore+ that allows her to neutralise status effects.
  • Both Reinhardt and Olwen will feature new weapons.
  • World of Thracia event will begin on April 11 at 00:00 PT/April 11 at 07:00 UTC.
  • Finn: Lance of Legend will also be available, as a reward as part of an upcoming Tempest Trial.
  • World of Thracia trailer can be seen below:

Version Update Info:

  • New Weapons:
    • 2 New Weapon Skills will be added in the next update and will see Lilina: Delightful Noble able to use the tome Forblaze. Fir: Sword Student and Karel: Sword Demon, will both be able to use the Nameless Blade.
    • At the start of the turn, Forblaze will inflict Res -7 on the foe, on the enemy team, who has the highest Res.
    • Nameless Blade accelerates Special trigger thanks to a cooldown count of -1.
  • 6 More Weapon Skills for the Weapon Refinery:
    • Roy: Young Lion’s Binding Blade can be upgraded to become effective against Dragons and customised how you like.
    • Lloyd: White Wolf’s Regal Blade will make him a lot stronger when he is near an infantry ally who can use magic.
    • Ephraim: Restoration Lord’ Sigmund can be upgraded to Flame Sigmund, whereas Hector: General of Ostia’ Armads can be upgraded to Beserker Armads.
    • Weapon Skills Forblaze and Nameless Blade will also be added to the Weapon Refinery.
  • Changes to the Tempest Trials: (Tempest Trials+)
    • Tempest Trials is undergoing 6 Big changes to make it easier to play and they are:
      • Automatic Recommendation on what difficulty to play
      • Boost to all allies during the first 2 battles of the day
      • Double EXP & SP during the first 2 battles of the day
      • All Bonus Allies give a score of 40% score boost
      • Stamina cost reduction
      • Event duration and rewards adjusted.
    • When the improvements go into effect, all allies will get a stat boost for the first 2 battles of the day.
    • Going forwards, there will no longer be Bonus Allies who offer a 20% and 40% score boost, instead it will all just be 40% for all Bonus Ally.
    • Tempest Trials will now require Less Stamina to play.
    • The regular Tempest Trials (the non-mini ones,) will no longer run for 14 days. Instead they will only last for 10.
    • To make up for this, the total scores required to meet previous reward goals, will be dropped to match those as seen in the Tempest Trials Mini events.
    • Because of all these changes, Tempest Trials will have its name changed to Tempest Trials+ and the first one will kick off on April 21 for North America.
    • Finn: Lance of Legend can be earned during the Tempest Trials+.
  • Special Orb Promo:
    • The Special Orb Promo: April Edition will run from April 12 to April 25 and allow players to be able to purchase 21 Orbs for the price of $9.99. The promo can only be brought once.
    • There will also be an April Edition Bonus of 6,000 Hero Feathers.
    • More promos like this, can be expected from the months to come. Bonus will vary.
  • Hero Rarity Changes:
    • Heroes who previous appeared at 4 & 5 will now appear at 3 & 4 rarity as of now. The full list of those affected can be seen below:
      • Marth: Altean Prince (Red)
      • Ogma: Loyal Blade (Red)
      • Athena: Borderland Sword (Red)
      • Seliph: Heir of Light (Red)
      • Roy: Young Lion (Red)
      • Eirike: Restoration Lady (Red)
      • Chrom: Exalted Prince (Red)
      • Corrin: Fateful Prince (Red)
      • Cain: The Bull (Red)
      • Seth: Silver Knight (Red)
      • Caeda: Talys’s Heart (Red)
      • Lilina: Delightful Nobel (Red)
      • Tharja: Dark Shadow (Red)
      • Lukas: Sharp Soldier (Blue)
      • Effie: Army of One (Blue)
      • Abel: The Panther (Blue)
      • Roderick: Steady Squire (Blue)
      • Mathilda: Legendary Knight (Blue)
      • Oscar: Agile Horseman (Blue)
      • Peri: Playful Slayer (Blue)
      • Catria: Middle Whitewing (Blue)
      • Clair: Highborn Flier (Blue)
      • Cordelia: Knight of Paragon (Blue)
      • Mae: Bundle of Energy (Blue)
      • Reinhardt: Thudner’s Fist (Blue)
      • Nowi: Eternal Youth (Blue)
      • Raven: Peerless Fighter (Green)
      • Hawkeye: Desert Guardian (Green)
      • Sheena: Princess of Gra (Green)
      • Titania: Mighty Mercenary (Green)
      • Camilla: Bewitching Beauty (Green)
      • Merric: Wind Mage (Green)
      • Boey: Skillful Survivor (Green)
      • Soren: Shrews Strategist (Green)
      • Fae: Divine Dragon (Green)
      • Jeorge: Perfect Shot (Colourless)
      • Leon: True of Heart (Colourless)
      • Klein: Silver Nobleman (Colourless)
      • Rebecca: Wildflower (Colourless)
      • Jakob: Devoted Servant (Colourless)
      • Kagero: Honorable Ninja (Colourless)
      • Maria: Minerva’s Sister (Colourless)
      • Lachesis: Lionhart’s Sister (Colourless)
      • Lucius: The Light (Colourless)
      • Sakura: Loving Priestess (Colourless)
      • Priscilla: Delicate Princess (Colourless)
    • Due to the 46 Heroes having their rarity altered, there is now a total of 95 Heroes who will be available at 3 or 4 rarity instead of the previous 49.
  • Bound Hero Battle: (Tiki & Nowi)
    • In celebration of a new Bound Hero Battle, involving Tiki and Nowi, which is live as of now, there will also be a Summoning event that to tie in with it.
  • Additional Changes:
    • New Home screen banners
    • Improvements to Friend List, with Friend Cap raised to 100.
    • Hero Merit Cap increased to 5,000.


Grand Hero Battle Revival:

  • Starting April 11, a second daily Grand Hero Battle Revival will commence rotation and allow players to take on the following Grand Heroes:
    • Zephiel: The Liberator
    • Camus: Sable Knight
    • Legion: Masked Maniac
    • Clarisse: Sniper in the Dark
    • Berkut: Prideful Prince
    • Valter: Dark Moonstone
    • Arvis: Emperor of the Flame
  • Current set of Grand Hero Battles Rotation will continue and players can now do 2 Grand Hero Battles a day, going forwards.
  • Camus: Sable Knight’ Grand Hero Battle will feature an Infernal Mode.
  • New Grand Hero Battle against Saias: Bishop of Flame was also revealed. Will start on April 17.
  • Saias: Bishop of Flame is a character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 766 and is one of the greatest tacticians history has ever seen.
  • Grand Hero Battles will also see a Stamina cost reduction, as from now on they will cost 0 Stamina for all Grand Hero Battles.
  • Future Bound Hero Battles and Legendary Hero Battles won’t require Stamina either, starting with the Tiki & Nowi Bound Hero Battle.


New Event: Grand Conquests:

  • Summoners can now join 1 of 3 armies and battle for superiority, across the continent.
  • Map of Askr is shown, displaying the war that is on its way. The continent is divided into 30 areas with 10 being represented by Red, Blue, or Green.
  • The colour signifies which army has which army and the leader of the armies are Sharena (Blue,) Anna (Green) and Alfonse (Red.)
  • Players must try to take conquer as many areas as they can, but can only invade an area, provided it is next to an area your army is occupying.
  • Grand Conquests has its own Stamina, with 1 being replenished once every area, with Stamina being required to invade areas.
  • Max Stamina for Grand Conquests is 8.
  • Once combat is triggered, the battles play out much like those experienced via Rival Domains.
    • Battles play out on far larger maps.
    • The goal is to earn as high a score as you can, with more Heroes than previously allotted.
    • Points can be earned by killing enemies, attacking enemies and conquering forts and you have just 10 turns to get as many points as possible.
  • Where Grand Conquests differs to Rival Domains, is that the score you earn on each map, is added to the total score for the area you’re battling in.
  • Defending areas is just as important as attacking areas.
  • Scores are tallied every 2 hours and the army with the highest score, will gain control of the area.
  • Bonus scores can also be earned in an area, based on the number of allies fighting in it.
  • Try to fight in as many areas as possible so your army can gain an advantage by working together.
  • Grand Conquest also has a GC Tier system (Grand Conquest Tier.)
  • The more points you earn in Grand Conquests, the higher the score and tier you will get, with higher tiers unlocking more points.
  • Bonus points can also be awarded to neighbouring areas after you battle.
  • The first Grand Conquests will debut on April 13 and last for 6 days.
  • The development team are looking to make improvements to Grand Conquests, based on the feedback players give, after the first Grand Conquests event ends.
  • There will also be a Grand Conquests Kick-Off Bonus available between April 13 and May 9, of 20 Orbs, for all players.


*End of Presentation Information.


 Thank you for reading!



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