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Spanish based indie games company Iction Games, is planning on bringing their game John Mambo to PC and home consoles. The arcade action game is currently on Indiegogo in the hopes reaching their base goal of €15,000. The company’s main focus is to finalize game development for release on Windows, Linux, Mac and Steam but also has strong desires to release the game on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

John Mambo

Here is a short overview for John Mambo.

“John Mambo is a frantic retro arcade game with an isometric top down view featuring a detailed 2D pixel art style AND Local Co-Op. Coming soon for Windows, Mac, Linux, Steam with PS4, Xbox One and Switch versions as future stretch goals

You play a one-man army, a gung-ho fighter crazy enough to embark on a dangerous mission in the heart of a jungle all by himself… (or with his co-op partner).”

We also have a trailer for what the finished product will look like:

Source: Iction Games PR

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