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We interrupt your Monday musings to bring you some pressing news.  The Squid Research Lab has been at it again, and uncovered some new news relating to the Octo Expansion DLC.

According to the latest findings, Marina (aka DJ_Hyperfresh) and Pearl (MC.Princess,) will actually assist 10,008 (Agent 8,) to freedom, via wireless communication. The story as to how they came together will also be revealed. Below we have included the full comments regarding Off the Hook’s involvement and some other Octoling news:


DJ_Hyperfresh & MC.Princes:

Are Pearl, a.k.a. MC.Princess, and Marina, a.k.a DJ_Hyperfresh, aiding the Octolings? Rumor has it they’ll help Agent 8 escape from the underground via wireless connection from above. We’ve also heard that the untold story of how ‘Off the Hook’ was formed may also be revealed…


Octoling Invasion:

Octolings in Inkopolis Plaza? This is highly irregular! It looks like they’ll be joining in on Regular and Ranked Battles, and they’ll have the same stats and abilities as an Inkling. Because of their similar sizes, they’ll also be able to wear the same gear as well.

Once you’ve helped Agent 8 reach the surface and completed the Octo Expansion, you’ll unlock the ability to play as one of these tentacled terrors.

 DJ_Hyperfresh, MC.Princess & Other Octo Expansion Details

Given the rate in which Octo Expansion news is rolling out, there’s a good chance we’ll be hearing about the DLC once again before the month of March is over.



Source: Splatoonus (tumblr)



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