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Welcome back to yet another Miketendo64’s Ammo Knights Newsletter, our weekly helping of dedicated coverage of upcoming weaponry and specials for Splatoon 2, and whatever Splatoon 2 news that happens to fall into our hands.

We’ve been doing the stealth thing and have intercepted another report and it concerns news of the next weapon you can expect to go hands on within the next couple of hours and as it turns out, it’s something of an old friend. Here’s all you need to know about it right this second:


According to our research, the Sloshing Machine Neo will be available this evening, just prior to Splatfest kickoff. Just like the Sloshing Machine, this weapon can be effective on enemies hiding in the terrain…and just like the Sloshing Machine, you shouldn’t try to wash your clothes in it (this was hard research, indeed). Rounding out the kit is the Point Sensor to reveal the location of opponents to your team, and the Splat-Bomb Launcher to wreak a little havoc.


Release Times & Dates:

18:00 PT (February 16th)

21:00 ET (February 16th)

02:00 BST/UTC (February 17th)

03:00 CET/UTC+1 (February 17th)

10:00 JST (February 17th) 


Until next time, Stay Fresh!

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