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At Miketendo64, we’re firm believers of saving the best for last, so brace yourself, because here’s the best.

By now you’ll be aware of amiibo being used in Bayonetta 2 will bring up special messages, like a Mushroom Kingdom one, Hyrule and even a Bayonetta 3 reference, but Smash has made it into Bayonetta 2 and provded you use a Smash amiibo of lesser characters that aren’t Link, Samus, Fox, Mario and characters associated with their games, you’ll actually get a message that talks about Bayonetta’s time in Smash and hear about how much Rodin wants to join her the next time she does pays a visit to her little fight club, which you can see for yourself, here:


Now, whether or not he does get to make an appearance is another story, but he is an unlockable character for Tag Climax, so even if he never makes it into Smash, you can still Smash Angels and Demons to pieces in Tag Climax!

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  • I think he will be in the next Smash Bros, but not as a playable character.
    Seems really plausible that he will be included as an Assist Trophy though.

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