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Welcome to Nifty Nindies, our bitesize feature for Miketendo64 where we catch up with an indie developer/publisher/publicist to briefly go over an upcoming Nindie title that Switch owners can look forwards to.

In continuation of the series, here’s aPriori Digital’s responses to our 5 Nifty Nindies questions for the soon to release Aperion Cyberstorm:


  • What is it? Aperion Cyberstorm.
  • Who is behind it? aPriori Digital.
  • What is it about? It’s a neon twin-stick shooter where players combine power-ups to coat the arena, with one such combination creating spiralling rapid electrified rockets. Add up to four more players (either locally or with AI in Versus) to turn it into a true bullet hell. The game has three modes, all of which support 1-5 players: Campaign, Onslaught, and Versus, each with their own challenges and unlocks. The game also has several customisation and accessibility functions, so regardless of age or ability, there are options to automate some of the game, to the point of being able to play it with one control stick and one button.
  • When can we hope to see it in the eShop? When can we hope to see it in the eShop? (Release date/dates and region availability details) Feb 8th for Europe and America, and Feb 9th for New Zealand and Australia.
  • How much will it cost? Aperion Cyberstorm is £10.99 / €12,50 / $14.99 with a 10% discount for the first week. (*Prices for other Countries & Regions will vary.)


For more on Aperion Cyberstorm, we highly recommended checking out the trailer we’ve included for you right here:

And for more Nifty Nindies, why not click on the link below to check out our previous instalments:



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