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It’s go time!


After first being revealed last week, the second Choose Your Legends event, for Fire Emblem Heroes has begun and as expected, some new characters have been added, especially those from Fire Emblem Heroes as Sharena, Anna, Bruno, Veronica, Alfonse and even the newer characters such as Surtr and Loki can now be chosen to be the hero who gets your vote. Heck, you can even vote for Heroes form Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, but characters you can’t vote for though, are Radiant Dawn Ike, Masked Marth, the previous winners of Choose Your Legends and the new characters introduced via Fire Emblem Warriors (Lianna, Rowan and Darios.)





New voting days are said to begin at 07:00 PT for North America, you can vote for 7 different Heroes or the same one, with one vote being done every single day the event runs for (Starts 22nd of January at 04:oo CET and ends at 03:59 CEST on the 29th) and if you’re linked in with your My Nintendo account, you can get 100 Platinum Points for submitting your first choice and there are three special wallpapers available, to those who have voted 3, 5 and 7 times, which can be downloaded from the Battle Ballot page but you will need to vote daily.

To anyone who would like to get involved, we offer this link to Choose Your Legends Round 2. May the odds be in your chosen Hero’s or Heroes, favour:





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