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On this 18th of January day, one year and one day ago, Fire Emblem Heroes was revealed to the world via a Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct and during its showing, Choose Your Legends was also revealed.

Choose Your Legends was an event where before the game even launched, players were asked to vote for their favourite characters from the entire Fire Emblem, so that the winning male and winning female character could be chosen to receive a very special look that actually took a very long time to implement into the game as we had to wait months for them. Sure we did get 4 Heroes and not 2 in the end, as we got 2 of each sex, everyone else who placed pretty close to the top, got used as part of monthly calendars that ran all through the year and now it seems 2018 will be a repeat of 2017.

Revealed as part of the daily notifications for Fire Emblem Heroes, as part of the One Year Anniversary celebrations, a second Choose Your Legends will take place, entitled Choose Your Legends Round 2. The event will run for 7 days from the 22nd of January at 04:00 CET to the 29th at 03:59 CET. Whatever characters win this time around, will make a future appearance in a new costume, but it was not stated if characters from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Fire Emblem Warriors and Fire Emblem Heroes might be eligible to be voted as those three games were not released during the time the event took place last year, so we’ll certainly keep an eye out on this for you.


In keeping with the celebrations, to anyone who has not logged in for 30 days, Sharena will have a welcome back gift of 20 Orbs for you and it is a one-time only offer. There will also be a Starter Support Pack that’s designed to help players get up to speed that consists of 12 Orbs, 12 Stamina Potions, 12 Light’s Blessing and a 5 Hero in the form of Black Knight. There is also a new log-in event to get 2 free Orbs every day for 10 days and an updated image of all the upcoming events, which you can see here:

Whether you’re a fan of the mobile or not, gave it a go, or gave it a pass, maybe this upcoming anniversary and series of events, is enough to be the convincer you sorely needed. Maybe.



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