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Welcome back to yet another Miketendo64’s Ammo Knights Newsletter, our weekly helping of dedicated coverage of upcoming weaponry and specials for Splatoon 2, and whatever Splatoon 2 news that happens to fall into our hands.

Having already shared news of the version 2.2.0 update that is out next week, our singular piece of news reporting shall only concern the latest weapon to be revealed for Splatoon 2 and this time around it’s the Dapple Dualies Nouveau. Here’s what the intercepted report has to say about the weapon, followed by a list of dates and times it will become available:


The Dapple Dualies Nouveau will arrive at Ammo Knights this evening! Although they have the same stats as the Dapple Dualies, they also have, shall we say, an artistic flourish? This kit also comes with the Toxic Mist sub weapon and the Ink Storm special. Sheldon recommends this weapon for players that like to sow chaos and reap the rewards!

18:00 PT (January 12th)

21:00 ET (January 12 th)

02:00 BST/UTC (January 13th)

03:00 CEST/UTC+1 (January 13 th)

10:00 JST (January 13 th)



Until next time, Stay Fresh!

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