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With a new weapon expected to become available this weekend and a Splatfest that concerns toilet rolls, Splatoon 2 has yet another surprise in store!


A new stage is set to go live this weekend and you can read all about it here thanks to the Squid Research Lab:

We just heard that tomorrow at 7 AM PT, October 6th, a new stage named Snapper Canal will be added to the rotation!

Battles will take place on a riverbed that’s under construction. Try not to blindly rush in – it’s easy to fall into the central waterway if you’re not paying attention. The ground is also lower near the water, so watch out for foes with long range weapons on the platforms above. The key will be finding out how to successfully cross the water and continue the fight on the other side. There may be some snappy comebacks during these fights, so be prepared to make some snap decisions!


For anyone itching to try out the new stage the second it goes live, here is an assortment of times you can expect to do just that. of kit, players in the Americas will be able to go hands on today, whereas players in the likes of Australia, Europe and Japan, will have to wait until tomorrow, so once again, here’s a list of times and dates you can expect to see the weapon go live:


07:00 PT (October 6th)

10:00 ET (October 6th)

15:00 BST/UTC (October 6th)

16:00 CEST/UTC+1 (October 6th)

23:00 JST (October 6th)


Until next time, Stay Fresh!


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