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If you have yet to log in to Fire Emblem Heroes today, the latest notification has revealed a preview trailer for the upcoming The Sacred World event, which you can see here:

 According to the notification, the event which will add new Heroes and more maps as part of the Paralogue Story The Sacred World, will start on the 15th of August at 09:00 CEST and will end on the 31st of August at 08:59 CEST. It has however been stated the event schedule may change, like it has done time and time again with previously announced upcoming events.


Now just in case you didn’t watch the videos, the forthcoming Heroes from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones are as follows:

Amelia (Rose of the War)

Seth (Silver Knight)

Innes (Regal Strategician)

Tana (Winged Princess)


If all goes to plan, the event kicks off tomorrow, but if you want a reason to play it today, Grand Hero Legion has returned and he now awaits you!


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