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The financial results for Nintendo’s First Quarter (April-June 2017) have came in and cover the sales for the 3DS and Switch, overall results and more. The Nintendo Switch has done well as Nintendo have reported that it has shipped 4.7 Million units and bearing in mind that most outlets seemed to be out-of-stock, there’s a very good chance that Nintendo has sold extremely close to that amount.

If you would like to check out the other figures from the financial results like how many 3DS Units Sold or Wii U? How much profit Nintendo earned from Pokémon GO? You can check them out below.

– Net sales: ¥154,069 million ($1.38 billion), 148.6% increase YoY
– Operating income: ¥16,208 million ($145 million)
– Profit: ¥21,260 million ($190 million)
– Total Switch hardware: 4.70 million
– Total Switch software: 13.60 million
– Total 3DS hardware: 67.08 million
– Total 3DS software: 335.10 million
– Total Wii U hardware: 13.56 million units
– Total Wii U software: 99.97 million units
– Switch hardware: 1.97 million for the quarter
– Switch software: 8.14 million for the quarter
– 3DS hardware: 950k for the quarter
– 3DS software: 5.85 million for the quarter
– Smart Device, IP related income: ¥9,062 million
– Nintendo’s earnings share from Pokemon GO (share of profit of entities accounted for using equity method): ¥3,286 million
– Nintendo made $81 million from smartphone games that aren’t Pokemon GO
– Nintendo made $29.4 million from Pokemon GO

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