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Just a few hours ago, we wrote about a forthcoming Niconico app launching this week, well it’s out now on the Japanese eShop. It’s free to download, requires 31 MB to download and we recorded some live footage of the app in action that you can see right here:

But for those of you who skipped the video, things you can do with the app is sign in, manage your preferences, select your country of residence, watch videos and streams, including Splatoon 2 videos. You can pause, fast forwards 10 seconds and there’s even a favourites list, as well as plenty of other options, but you can’t take screenshots. So yeah, there is a lot to the app and because one video isn’t necessarily enough, well here’s one by Nintendo Impact Gaming who actually shot it, after we posted ours:


While you do not need to live in Japan to download the app, you will need a Japanese My Nintendo account, which is actually very easy to make if you have five minutes to spare.


Source: Nintendo Impact Gaming! (YouTube)

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