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Once again FDG Entertainment have provided yet another blog post in which details the latest goings on with the game and today, the focus is on Monster World Village:



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Welcome to the new Monster World Village:


Dear lovely Monster Boy family members, just as promised we’re increasing the blog post frequency and today we prove it! Last time we gave insight to a completely remade Volcano area, this time we get to a more cozy place: Monster World Village. We completely reworked the graphics, please check out this before/after comparison screen:

 *The Inn is a truly cozy place – the first place to visit after a tough time in dangerous places.


On the left is the old Inn, which looks nice but not refined enough to meet todays standards. The right side shows the new quality level which we aim to reach in all areas of the game. With 4 years in production, we don’t want to have any drawbacks and finish the game properly so it can shine and impress.


Here’s the old village screenshot in full size:


*The amount of details isn’t up to our new standards.


This is the new village screenshot in full size:


*So beautiful, we just want to stand here and enjoy the atmosphere. So much depth and many details!


Will you take the time to stroll through the whole village when you visit it the first time? Please do so and enjoy every inch of the artwork we make for you, dearest friends!


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As always, stay tuned for more!


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