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With any luck, Ubisoft will finally announce Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle sometime this week at E3 and put everyone’s doubts at rest and surprise us with how great a game it can actually be.

It is worth noting that though this may be the first Collaboration between a Nintendo & Ubisoft IP, Ubisoft have actually be trying to bring the two IP’s together since The Wii was a big contender. There was plenty of hush hush ideas going on behind closed doors at Ubisoft but the ideas never came to fruition and left nothing more but concept art as a result.

A video report that looks into this matter has been uploaded by Videogame Sleuth Liam Robertson which you can view below.

On another note, a listing for a Day 1 edition for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has been added to Walmart’s website.

Source: Liam Robertson

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