More ARMS Concept Art Further Builds Backstory

The Official Twitter Account for ARMS has released more concept art to further build up the backstory to the game. This image depicts the games’ history of extendable arms and that the “Oldest known records” of this phenomenom date back to around 1,500 years ago, though some experts argue that they have could have been around for much longer, as much as 4,000 years or so. The extendable appendages are also not limited to humans as even some animals and plants have been said to possess this special ability.

It’s safe to say that ARMS doesn’t take itself too seriously but then again, its not going to ruin the experience of the game either. It is just a wacky beat-em-up to enjoy with others, be it two-on-two versus, a three-on-one smash fest on Hedlok or getting yourself dunked over and over again in hoops.

Source: ARMS Official Twitter Account (@ARMS_Cobutter)


2 thoughts on “More ARMS Concept Art Further Builds Backstory”

  1. I wonder if that stuff is hinting at future fighters released in the promised updates? Will we get an animal or plant fighter? That’d be pretty cool.

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