“Classic Game Collection & Virtual Console For Nintendo Switch Are Not The Same” Says Nintendo (A Famitsu Interview)

Famitsu have sent some questions to Nintendo to shed some light about the Nintendo Switch Online Service. As usual, Nintendo keep most things close to their chest and didn’t share too much but they did open up about some things, including whether the Classic Game Collection and the Virtual Console will be the same thing to which the answer is… No they aren’t. You can check out the highlights below.

Famitsu: Will the Classic Game Selection Titles contain local cooperative play or versus play just like before along with the added online play funtion?

Nintendo: Details regarding online play will be announced later.

Famitsu: Are the Classic Game Selection and Virtual Console two different things?

Nintendo: That is indeed the case. A title from the Classic Game Selection is software that adds a new feature(s) to classic games. Virtual Console for Switch has not yet been decided.

Classic Game Collection

As regards to the Nintendo Switch Online Service, Switch owners will have to pay for the online service for each Nintendo Account that uses it as opposed to per console. Ninetendo asks that you wait for future details about syncing numerous Nintendo Accounts to the service on a single Switch console.

You will be able to subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online Service via the eShop once it goes live. You will be able to purchase it using your eShop balance, with a credit card or prepaid number. Japan will also be able to pick up download cards for the service.

Source: Famitsu


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