More details have emerged about the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle game that has been getting very negative feedback from the general public. Due to the leaks last week (including informative images) that point to the game possibly being officially announced at E3 this year, have managed to worm out a few more details from their source at Ubisoft which we have gathered below.

  • Development started three years ago with Ubisoft pitching the idea to Nintendo and may have originally been in development for the Wii U before the change to Switch.
  • The game is being developed by both Ubisoft’s Paris and Milan divisions, with the core creative direction being handled by Milan
  • Nintendo is overseeing development and approving ideas, but have been very accepting and quick to approve ideas
  • Game features surreal, self-referential gags
  • At one point, there was a large Donkey Kong themed Rabbid serving as one of the first boss encounters
  • This Rabbid has access to a pile of bananas that it can use to replenish its health
  • To beat him, you have to cut off his food supply to prevent him from recovering
  • The DK Rabbid will dab periodically if it lands an attack correctlWhen the boss faints, the Rabbid cosplaying as Princess Peach in your party takes a selfie with him
  • The 8 playable characters each have an individual skill tree of sorts for developing special abilities
  • Each character starts with a base skill that they can improve later on in the game, in addition to learning new skills
  • Mario has a passive ability which enables him to automatically fire at an enemy if they enter his field of vision
  • Some of these powers are common across multiple characters
  • There are unique ones like Peach’s powerful ability to inflate enemies using a foot pump until they explode
  • The online suite was being tested several months back, although this mode was inaccessible in the test builds
  • Additional mode named ‘Arena’ was spotted in the test UI
  • Prototypes feature a mode dubbed ‘amiibo machine’, but the details behind it remain a mystery
  • Ubisoft is producing prototype figurines of some of the game’s characters, which may turn out to be amiibo
  • this game was originally intended to be unveiled during Nintendo’s January Switch event
  • The reveal got pushed back in order to let the game get some more polish
  • It will be revealed at E3 2017 and could see release in August or September.


By Mike Scorpio

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